How to Save Money on Your Puget Sound Energy Bill

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Puget Sound Energy offers a number of options that can help renters and homeowners save money. If you’re a PSE customer, you don’t want to miss this!

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When we bought our first house, our power bill was significantly higher than expected. Puget Sound Energy helped us make payment arrangements for our bill and arranged for a contractor to visit our home to offer specific cost-saving advice.

Check out these helpful payment options!

We opted to enroll in Budget Billing after we saw how drastically our bills changed every season. With Budget Billing, PSE averages your annual power usage into equal payments. During the last month of the year, you’ll have a settlement month where you’ll have to pay any differences between your actual usage and what you’ve paid.

Budget Billing sounded like a great idea to us, so we enrolled. It ended up being a total DISASTER. We ended up with a $3,000+ settlement bill because PSE had so drastically miscalculated our bill. In fact, one supervisor I spoke to called it “the worst case of budget billing mismanagement (they) had ever seen.” Fortunately, we were able to get local agencies to pledge $2,300 toward that high bill!

I still believe that Budget Billing can be a good choice. However, make sure you do NOT enroll until you’ve lived at your current address for at least 12 months!

Get free stuff to help you save on your PSE bill!

This program, called the HomePrint Assessment, is absolutely free. A contractor visited our home and gave us specific advice on how to save money. He also provided us with 20 free LED lightbulbs, two free high-performance showerheads and informed us that we’re eligible for a free washing machine through another one of PSE’s cost-saving programs.

You can buy a discounted $10 power strip that prevents electronics from drawing excessive power when idle (plugged in but not in use). The power strip retails for $70, but PSE customers can order it for just $10 (and free shipping!) when they provide their account number. Not only will you save money on the power strip, but the power strip will help you reduce consumption and save money on your power bill!

Free energy-efficient showerheads can help you use less water and save money on the electric bill. After all, it takes power to keep that water flowing!

You could even get a FREE refrigerator or washing machine replacement for qualifying models. This is an excellent program but I’ve been told that sometimes you have to call in a few times in order to get it.

Rebates can help you lower the cost of heating, insulation, LED lightingnatural gas conversion, smart thermostats, water heaters, and windows.

PSE also offers a free recycling program for light bulbs, refrigerators and freezers.

Get help with your Puget Sound Energy bill!

Local community action agencies can help you with your Puget Sound Energy bill! If you’re low income, you may qualify for assistance through PSE HELP, LIHEAP and the Weatherization Assistance Program!

LIHEAP (the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) can pay a set amount toward your energy costs every year.

PSE HELP program can pay an additional $1,000 toward your Puget Sound Energy bil per year. The amount you receive will depend on your household size, monthly income and your energy costs. The income limits for PSE HELP are a bit higher than those for LIHEAP. If you qualify for LIHEAP, you can get both – but even if you don’t qualify for LIHEAP, you may be able to get PSE HELP!

The Weatherization Assistance Program does not pay any portion of your current energy costs but it does help reduce your ongoing energy bills by providing free, energy-efficient upgrades to your home. An energy adviser will visit your home and identify the most efficient upgrades, such as insulation installation, air leak sealing, refrigerator replacements and more! You could receive FREE improvements worth several thousand dollars!

Click here to see a list of local agencies that administer these programs!

Get more help in Washington State!

Puget Sound Energy is the largest utility provider in Washington State, serving over 1 million customers across eight counties. However, there are many other Washington State power companies that offer discounts, rebates and help for low-income customers. To see them, just click here. 

Save even MORE money in Washington!

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