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TEP Bill: How to Get Help Paying Your Tucson Electric Power Bill

TEP Bill: How to Get Help Paying Your Tucson Electric Power Bill

If your TEP bill is too hard to pay or it’s too much for you to try and handle, you might need help. There are things you can do to get the help you need. We found the best ways to save money, lower your bill and get assistance.


Get help paying your TEP bill.

If you’re a low-income individual or family, you can get help by using the Lifeline Discount for your TEP bill. The Lifeline Discount allows you to save a set amount each month depending on your bill and your income level. You can use the discount to help save money on the bill. You must apply for it once per year to continue receiving it if you’re eligible.

Interfaith Community Services might be able to help you. You must bring in proof of residency, income and your TEP bill. Not all low-income families will be eligible. Funding may only be given out when the organization has it available.

The Arizona LIHEAP benefit might be able to help you pay for a portion of your bill. Each month, the program puts a set amount directly into your TEP account. That amount will offset the costs of cooling. It usually does not cover the whole bill, but it can help make your bill lower.

Need a payment extension? You can apply for one right through your online TEP account. You must provide information on the account to let TEP know what you’re looking for and why you need an extension. Anyone who has TEP can apply for the extension, but not everyone will get approved for an extension. Asking for one earlier might help increase your chances of getting a payment extension.


Avoid shut-off with using these options.

The Green Valley Salvation Army might be able to help you if you receive a shut-off notice. You must show the notice when you’re applying for help through the program. You must also bring in your TEP to show you have the service. There are other requirements you might have to meet to get approved for help through the Salvation Army. Once approved, you could qualify for a one-time payment on your bill that could be up to $200.

You can apply for shut-off relief through St. Vincent De Paul in Tucson. The organization might be willing to help those with a shut-off notice pay their TEP bill. They could provide you with the necessary money to get caught up to the point where you’re no longer in danger of shut-off.

The PPEP in Tucson could help you pay for your energy bill. They offer some emergency services. Funding may not always be available to those who have shut-off notices.

Do you have a medical device that requires electricity? Let TEP know about it! They have a medical device alert program to help those with medical equipment needs aware of any pending shut-offs or planned power outages. You may receive protection from shut-off from the company. You will also receive priority when there’s a power outage.

TEP offers helpful rate plans.

The Time of Use plan could help you save money on your energy bill by only billing you when you use the electricity. This is great for people who use electric often during non-peak hours and can help you cut down on the energy you use. You may also be eligible for a bill credit when you use energy during off-peak hours!

Using peak demand pricing could help you save on your electric bill. When you sign up for the peak demand pricing through TEP, you can cut down the amount you spend because the rates are lower. If you use your electric during off-peak hours, your bills will be even lower.

The Demand TOU combines the best of peak pricing and time of use. The plan allows you to save money on your bill. It is a combination program. You must apply for this type of peak pricing through TEP.


Get free upgrades and lower your bill!

If you want to make your home more energy efficient, you could do it for free. With Arizona weatherization, you can lower your bill by making your home more energy efficient. The program works on a basis of helping the neediest. You don’t even have to be a homeowner to get help with your efficiency in your home!

TEP offers a program to help you plant trees that could provide shade and make your electric bill lower. The shade tree program gives you free trees that you can plant and use for shade. Most of the varieties are relatively fast-growing and can provide you with the necessary shade to lower your bills in just a few years.

To help offset the costs of new appliances and even lighting sources, TEP could offer rebates on some of the things you would normally need to purchase on your own. The rebates range in value from just a few dollars to nearly the total cost of a new appliance!

If you need to figure out where you’re using the most energy and what will happen if you save, use the TEP calculator. It’s a free tool the company provides to customers who want to learn how to lower their electric bills!

Use these tips to help you save money on your TEP bill!

Even if you’re taking all the steps you can and getting all the help you need, there are still ways you can save money on your power bill. Here are a few of our favorite tips to lower your power bill and save even more money!

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