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Save Money on Your Duke Energy Bill! (IN)

Save Money on Your Duke Energy Bill! (IN)

If you’re a Duke Energy customer in Indiana, we’ve found loads of ways that you can save money on your monthly utility bills! From cost-saving weatherization programs to getting free money toward your power bill, here’s all the ways YOU can save money on your Duke Energy bill!


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Take advantage of these helpful payment options! 

Budget Billing can help you pay consistent monthly amounts and avoid expensive seasonal fluctuations. There are two budget billing options – annual and quarterly.

  • The annual plan divides your annual usage into 11 equal payments. The last month is a settlement month, where you will have to pay any remaining balance (or get a credit if you’ve overpaid).
  • The quarterly plan provides a quarterly review and adjustment of your budget billing amount so that you can avoid a costly settlement month. As someone who recently was slammed with a $3,000+ settlement bill from another company, I highly recommend the quarterly plan!

For a limited time, you can receive a $10 gift card when you switch to paperless billing!


Duke Energy offers many other convenient billing options. You can also request large print bills and braille bills!  You can also opt to have Duke Energy notify a third party before your power is disconnected.

Save money on your Duke Energy bill!

Get a Personal Energy Report and discover where your home uses the most energy! You’ll also receive specific, customized recommendations for saving money on your energy bills. You’ll have to answer several questions about your home and energy use during the report survey. An additional Home Energy Report  will be mailed to you periodically. This report compares your home to other homes in your area.


Want something better than a report? Get a FREE in-home energy assessment – and FREE products – from Duke Energy! The professional energy auditor who comes to your home will bring you free LED light bulbs, a free energy-efficient shower head, outlet seals, weather stripping and faucet aerators! Those products can be installed free during the visit. This is a $180 value – and it’s FREE!

To qualify for the in-home energy assessment, you must be a homeowner who has resided in the home for at least four months. You must have an electric water heater, electric heat or central air to qualify. You can also receive rebates for completing certain recommended home improvements!

Renting? No problem! The Indiana Weatherization Program helps renters and homeowners! If your household earns 200% of the federal poverty guidelines or less, you can receive free weatherization services through this state program. Services may include insulation installation, light bulb replacements, air leak sealing, duct work, and heating/cooling system tune-ups.

If you qualify for that program, you’re also eligible for a free refrigerator replacement! If you have an old, inefficient refrigerator, you can receive a FREE, new Energy Star certified refrigerator! This program is managed by the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority.

IHCDA also offers an upgraded heating system for qualifying customers! The income requirements are the same as the refrigerator replacement and weatherization programs. If you have electric heat and use more than 7 kWh per square foot of living space, you may qualify for a new heat pump!

Enroll in Power Manager and get a $35 bill credit! If you sign up for this program, Duke Energy will install a small device near your central air conditioner unit or electric water heater (or both!). The device will temporarily interrupt your appliance, reducing the demand for electricity during peak times. You’ll receive a one-time bill credit of $25 or $35 depending on how you enroll your A/C and an additional $5 for enrolling your electric water heater.

High Bill Alerts will let you know when hotter or colder weather is causing a spike in your energy bill. As long as you’ve been a customer for at least 12 months, you’ll be notified when your bill is predicted to be 30% higher than normal (at least $30 difference).


Get help with your Duke Energy bill!

The Indiana Community Action Association can pledge up to $300 toward your Duke Energy bills through the Helping Hand program. These funds are available to customers who qualify based on income guidelines.

These agencies can also provide you with additional funding through the federal and state Energy Assistance Programs (EAP)If you’re receiving assistance through one of these energy assistance programs, Duke Energy will not be allowed to disconnect your power between December 1 and March 15.

Low income Indiana homeowners can also receive up to $60 toward their utility bills through the Indiana Home Energy Assistance Program. 

Don’t forget these other helpful programs!

The Life Support Program ensures that Duke Energy will give you advance notice before any planned outages. You’ll need to verify your special electrical need with a letter from your doctor. Note that this program doesn’t prevent disconnection due to nonpayment or unplanned outages.

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