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Everyone needs help with bills sometimes! It’s so tough to meet those monthly obligations, especially when you’re living near the low income line.

Your monthly commitments may include rent, utilities, internet service, cell phone service, car payments, auto insurance or something else entirely. It really doesn’t matter who you are paying or how much the payment is.

What help with bills can you get?

It really depends on which bill you’re working on! Many companies offer discounts for low income, seniors and/or disabled customers. Others offer unadvertised deals that can get you reduced rates. There’s cool tools like Trim Negotiation Robot that can help you, too.

We’ve found some wonderful ways to save money on utilities. We’ve also found some screaming discounts on internet service. We’re always looking for great ways that get you help with bills.

If you’re looking for help with a company we haven’t covered yet, just let us know! We always love a challenge.

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