Your Texas Food Stamps Can Do This?!

Your Texas food stamps card can do some amazing things! Keep reading to find out how you can get free/reduced admission, free Internet and more with your Texas food stamps.

Please note that the museums with green titles are Museums for All participants. These venues accept EBT cards from all 50 states, so you don’t have to be a Texas resident to get these great deals!

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Get discounted admission!

For your convenience, we’ve organized our free and discounted museum admission list alphabetically by city.


The Children’s Museum of the Brazos Valley – $3 or less per person

From Mission Control to Georgie’s Lily Pad, your little ones will love exploring the exhibits and events at The Children’s Museum of Brazos Valley! As a Museums for All member, this museum charges $3 or less for up to four people per EBT card.


Perot Museum of Nature and Science – $1 per person

The Perot Museum is a fantastic place for Texas adults and children to explore – and you can visit for just $1 per person! Their discount program is slightly more complicated than other programs but includes anyone who receives TANF, Texas food stamps, WIC, SSI< RSDI, CHIP, or Children’s Medicaid. Proof of enrollment in one of these programs and valid photo ID is required.

This museum only offers discounted admission between May 30 and September 5. Tickets are available for the benefit recipient and up to seven immediate family members. All tickets must be used on the day of purchase.

Parking is not included and no refunds are available on the discounted tickets. The discounted tickets do not include films or special exhibits.


Children’s Museum of Houston – FREE

The Houston Children’s Museum offers FREE admission to Texas food stamps recipients, as well as anyone receiving TANF or WIC. The award letter and photo ID must be shown at the admission desk.  There is a limit of six FREE admissions per qualifying document and the named benefit recipient must be present at the time of(whether  admission.

CM Houston offers free admission to everyone
(whether they receive any benefits or not)
on Thursday nights between 5pm and 8pm!

Houston Zoo – $4.50 per ticket

The Houston Zoo offers a Lone Star Access Program for Texas food stamps recipients. For just $4.50 per ticket (75% off regular admission!), up to two adults and three children can visit the zoo! There is no limit to how many times per year a family can purchase these discounted tickets.

These discounted passes do NOT include Zoo Lights, Wildlife Carousel, consessions, the Hermann Park Train, giraffe feeding platform, classes, educational programs, gift shop purchases or special tours. Tickets must be used the day they are purchased.


Longview World of Wonders – $3 or less per person

This hands-on discovery center features exhibits that are fun, educational and challenging. It is a very new attraction that opened in August 2016.

As a Museums for All partner, WOW charges $3 or less per person with a limit of four discounts per Texas food stamps card.


International Museum of Art & Science – $1 per person

If you have a Texas food stamps card or evidence of WIC benefits, you can visit IMAS in McAllen for just $1 per person through the Museums for All program! Take a look at their exhibits by clicking here.

The Woodlands

Woodlands Children’s Museum – $3 per person

More than 15 fun, interactive exhibits await children at Woodlands Children’s Museum! From art to abstract thinking, socialization to motor skills, the open floor plan offers something for everyone in the 7 and under crowd. See their exhibits by clicking here.

Bring your Lonestar EBT card to the Woodlands Children’s Museum to receive $3 admission for up to four people. Please note that all children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. WCM is a Museums for All partner.

Texas food stamps free

Did you know your Texas food stamps card
could be used here?!

Several of our visitors have pointed out that EBT cards have even more uses, too! Check out these interesting statewide benefits.

  • Discount food markets
  • Starbucks! EBT can be used at Starbucks locations that are located inside a grocery store (such as Target).
  • Farmer’s Markets can also accept EBT cards. Some even have fantastic dollar matching programs for EBT card users!
  • Organic delivery services run by community-supported agriculture programs may also accept EBT.
  • Costco also accepts EBT benefits.
  • Schwan’s Trucks also accept EBT benefits. Order online, by phone or on the app. Please note that food stamps benefits will not cover the delivery charge. Make sure you can pay the delivery charge before you order! If you can’t pay the delivery charge, you will not be allowed to keep your order.

Got Texas food stamps?
You might qualify for these, too!

You can also use your Texas food stamps
benefits to buy these items:

  • Seeds! EBT cards can buy fruit trees and vegetable seeds for gardening.
  • Hot deli food that has been packaged and placed in the refrigerated section for easy reheating..
  • Energy Drinks! If the drink has a nutrition facts label, it’s considered a food item. Drinks with a “supplement facts” label are not eligible because the FDA considers them supplements, not food.
  • Live lobsters and other shellfish that you will eat.
  • Pumpkins that are edible and not just ornamental.
  • Birthday and other specially decorated cakes as long as the non-edible decorations do not exceed 50% of the purchase price of the cake.
  • Gift baskets! Your EBT benefits can even help you purchase gifts for holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas (including pre-filled holiday stockings and tins) as long as the food value exceeds the non-food value. For example, the federal SNAP website indicates that a stuffed holiday bear holding a small box of chocolate would NOT be eligible because the value of the bear exceeds the value of the food. However, a gift basket with snack foods or candy and a small toy would be eligible because the food clearly accounts for more than 50% of the purchase price.


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