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West Oregon Electric Customer? You Could Get Help Now!

West Oregon Electric Customer? You Could Get Help Now!

If you’re a low-income West Oregon Electric customer, you might be wondering how you can get help paying your bill. We found many resources that could help you figure out the best way to pay it!

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We found help for West Oregon Electric customers!

If you’re low-income, you might be able to qualify for LIEAP to pay for your West Oregon Electric bill. Not all customers will qualify and you will need to meet other requirements in addition to the income requirements. You can apply for the program online or in person at your local assistance office. Help is generally only available during the winter months and may vary depending on your specific income.

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*Note: every situation is different, but LIEAP usually doesn’t cover your entire electric bill and is just a way to offset heating costs.

The Salvation Army might be able to provide help if you’re low-income and you meet their qualifications. They’re generally only able to help families pay for their electric bill once per year. Help may be limited to $150 or $200 depending on your situation and your family size. You will need to fill out an application and meet all the guidelines they’ve put in place for help.

WOEC customers could qualify for help through the company’s assistance program. They might not be able to provide as much help as other programs, but the help could offset some of the costs associated with your energy bill. You will need to meet their requirements for the program. These include income requirements and a generally good history with the company.

More help could be available.

The Oregon Energy Fund might be a way for you to get help with your electric bill. The program works with people who are low-income through partner agencies and could help you find one in your area. You will still need to meet their guidelines and some agency specific guidelines to qualify for help through this program.

West Oregon Electric Co-Op customers living in Columbia County might be able to get help through the county’s assistance program. The county has access to resources that might be able to help you pay for a portion or all of your bill depending on what’s available. There are some things that could disqualify you, and help might not always be available.

You could use helpful payment options.

As a member of a co-op, you get access to capital credits. These credits are the company’s way of making your membership worthwhile. While West Oregon Electric generally applies these to your bills, you might have unclaimed capital credits that you could use to pay your bill. They generally only cover a small percentage of a bill, but it can be helpful if you’re struggling. The easiest way to learn about your capital credits and if you have unpaid ones is to call the company!

While the budget billing program won’t necessarily save you money on your bill, it could make paying your bill much easier. With budget billing, the company calculates the amount you paid for your bills in the past year. They add that amount up and divide it evenly over 12 months. You pay that amount each month. At the end of the period, you’ll get a credit if you overpaid or you’ll have to pay more if you underpaid. This is a great program if you find your electric bills are much higher in the winter or the summer.

Even though there is no guarantee the company will grant a payment arrangement, if you’re having a hard time, it might be worth it to check and see if they’re able to work with you! They do not have a policy listed on their site, but they could work with you on a case-by-case basis. You can contact WOEC to find out if you are eligible for a payment arrangement or to see what your options are if you’re unable to pay your bill.

Get free help to make your home more energy efficient.

The weatherization program can be helpful if your home is very out of date. An older home that is not energy efficient could make your power bills skyrocket and that can cause huge problems for your finances (as you know). The weatherization program could help you make those updates to your insulation, your roofing, your heating system and even your flooring. Since this is a state program, you will need to meet all their qualifications. Not everyone will be able to get help through weatherization. The program is available for both renters and homeowners who qualify.

West Oregon Electric might be able to help if you have to purchase a new appliance. They offer rebates for certain energy efficient appliances. While this will not help you pay for the appliance upfront, it could help offset the cost that comes from having to replace one of the appliances in your home. To take advantage of this program, check out which appliances qualify for rebates before you go out to purchase a new one!

Check out how West Oregon Electric gives back to you!

West Oregon Electric is a part of Touchstone Energy. That means you’re a member of a huge network of co-ops! You can get benefits like saving money on prescriptions, shopping and more. You can also get access to free exclusive things! Check out all the benefits of being a part of Touchstone by clicking here!

Net metering may or may not apply to you, but it’s a good idea to have this information if you plan to go solar or you’re interested in solar electric. If you have net metering, you might be able to get a percentage back on your WOEC bill just for having solar power. This can offset the traditional energy costs and might make it easier for you to save money on your solar project!

Do you have a child headed to college? There are scholarship options for people who are customers of WOEC. The scholarships might be able to help you pay for a portion of college and could help you save money on your child’s tuition. These scholarships will cover some tuition costs and could make it easier to go back to school. Both scholarships this co-op offers are competitive so it’s important to consider that before counting on a scholarship.

Save more money on your bill.

You can take the first step toward a better energy bill without ever having to spend a dime! We’ve compiled a huge list of tips that can help you lower your bills and make your home more energy efficient today!

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