Got Wisconsin Public Service? Get Help With Your Bill!

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

Got WPS? If you have Wisconsin Public Service and need help paying your bill, don’t worry anymore! We found ways for you to lower your bill, save money and get free stuff. You might even be able to avoid shut-off using our helpful resources!

Get help paying your Wisconsin Public Service bill in Wisconsin.

You could apply for Wisconsin LIHEAP to help you pay for a portion of your Wisconsin Public Service bill. The program works by giving WPS customers who qualify a credit automatically paid on their bill. You must apply for the program each year to be approved for it and get the assistance that will help you lower your bills.

Got an old fridge? You could have $35! Wisconsin Public Service works with an appliance recycling company to help you recycle your old fridge. You must contact the company to have them pick your fridge up.

Get help paying your Wisconsin Public Service bill in Michigan.

The Michigan emergency assistance program could help you pay for a portion of your Wisconsin Public Service bill. The program works by allowing you to get help with the bill. It automatically applies a set amount to your bill to reduce the burden the bill has on your family during different times of the year. You must apply for the program and show proof of income and need.

If you’re heating your own home with WPS and you are below a certain level of income, you can get a tax credit on your taxes each year. You must apply for it when you’re doing your taxes. To qualify for it, you’ll have to show proof of paid bills throughout the year.

Avoid having your electric shut off in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin’s energy assistance program could help you if you receive a shut-off notice from Wisconsin Public Service. The program works with low-income people who are struggling to pay their bills and are in need of emergency help. You must show the shut-off notice to qualify for the assistance from the company.

Avoid having your WPS electric shut off in Michigan.

Using the Winter Protection plan, low-income WPS customers could be protected from shut-off during the winter months. You can apply for the program through Wisconsin Public Service to ensure you’re safe during the winter months. The program does require you to pay a minimum of 7% of your yearly estimated bill during the time. After March is over, you will be required to pay a small additional fee on the rest of your bills to help cover the amount you didn’t pay during the winter months. Apply for the program early to ensure you’ll have protection.

The Michigan medical emergency protection could help you if you rely on medical equipment to survive or if anyone in your household requires it. You must apply for the medical protection program through your local community action agency. The program may require you to pay a small amount or it may exempt you from any future shut-off notices.

If you’re a military member, you might be able to get shut-off protection. Military members can get shut-off protection to help them if they’re on active duty. You must apply through Wisconsin Public Service to get approved for it.

Wisconsin Public Service customers get helpful payment options.

You might be able to make payment arrangements with Wisconsin Public Service. You must contact the company if you’re in need of payment arrangements. Not everyone will be approved for payment arrangements. If you are approved, you can divide a large payment or an overdue payment up into a series of smaller payments to help lessen the burden for yourself.

If a certain date works better for you, you can choose your due date. This can help you if you’re struggling to pay your bill by a certain date due to a disability payment or other issue. It could also help you if you need to move it back to a different date. Keep in mind there’s a limit to how many times you can change and choose your due date.

Budget billing can help you avoid huge fluctuations in your bill due to the cold winter months. You can apply for the program throughout the year, but doing so in the summer often works better. The company figures out how much your bill is, on average, each month. Then, you just have to pay the average. You’ll be required to pay anything above the average after the 12-month term is up. Not all customers will qualify for budget billing.

Wisconsin customers:

The Direct Load Control rate plan might be able to help you save money on your bill. If you use your electric at certain times or if you allow Wisconsin Public Service to access your electric through a smart meter, it will help you save money. The company will shut-off some of the appliances you aren’t using to help reduce the load on the company’s supply. This generally happens around peak hours.

You may also use the Time of Use rate from Wisconsin Public Service. The Time of Use allows you to reduce your energy load during peak hours and save a lot of money on your bill. You can do this by running major appliances only during non-peak hours and avoiding a heavy load during peak hours.

Michigan customers:

Michigan customers may also sign up for the Time of Use plan. Customers can not only get a lower rate during the time they’re using electric in off-peak hours but you can also get a credit on your bill. Depending on how little energy you use during peak hours, the rate plan can help you save money. It can give you a chance to save money in two different ways.

Upgrade your home for free using these options.

Wisconsin Public Service customers can get a free energy efficiency kit! You must request the kit through the company. It includes a low-flow showerhead, a powerstrip and lightbulbs. You can request more than one kit, but it’s important to remember that the company may have a cap on how many kits they send to each household.

Are you a Wisconsin customer? You can get help with weatherization. The weatherization assistance program allows you to save money on your electric bills by making your home more energy efficient. It can help you with things like upgrading your insulation or even your heating system. You must apply through your community action agency for the program.

If you’re in Michigan, you might be able to get help with the state’s weatherization program. The program helps low-income people get access to energy efficient home upgrades. Even if you’re a renter, you can qualify for the program.

Wisconsin Public Service offers many different rebates to customers. These rebates are generally for appliances and lighting solutions. You can check to make sure the appliance or lighting you’re purchasing has a rebate available from Wisconsin Public Service!

Wisconsin Public Service gives back to the community.

WPS gives back to the community. Customers and children of customers might be able to get scholarships to help them pay for different educational opportunities. Scholarships are both need and merit based.

Save even more money on your WPS bill.

There are so many ways you can save money. These helpful tips are easy to do and don’t cost much. Use them to help lower your energy bill!

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