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10 Cheap Halloween Costumes ANYONE Can Make!

10 Cheap Halloween Costumes ANYONE Can Make!

Cheap Halloween costumes are inevitable around here. Most of the time, we just don’t have the budget or the time to purchase an expensive costume or prepare something elaborate and awesome. Sometimes I try to be fancy… but it rarely (if ever) works out. Basically, dollar store Halloween costumes have become as essential to our Halloween traditions as trick-or-treating and crazy amounts of candy.

Can you relate?

I’ve compiled a list of my 10 favorite cheap Halloween costumes that can help you save money and time this year. Let me know what you think – and share your favorites in the comments!

Our 10 Favorite Cheap Halloween Costumes

#10 – Fabric Mummies

Sure, you could just throw a sheet over your head and call yourself a ghost…. or you could put in a little more effort and be a mummy. You could wrap yourself in toilet paper or follow these methods for an easy, affordable fabric mummy costume.

#9 – Error 404

If you don’t want to permanently mutilate a shirt with a Sharpie, you could make a cardboard sign to hold (or wear around your neck, if you don’t want to carry it). It doesn’t get easier than this DIY Halloween costume! You can see this idea (and some other 5-minute Halloween costume ideas) by clicking here.

#8 – LEGO Brick

LEGO bricks are EVERYWHERE in my house. It drives me crazy! However, I do love this easy, tried-and-true Halloween costume. We always have boxes laying around… and the cups she’s using can be found at the dollar store!

#7 – Cactus

If you’ve got green clothes and some white pipe cleaners, this costume is easy and cheap to put together! The creator in this video also says that the clothes can be wardrobe pieces that won’t be damaged, so that definitely helps keep this DIY Halloween costume cheap. 🙂

#6 – Crazy Cat Lady

Assemble this costume in mere minutes! All it takes is a bath robe, a towel (or some curlers) and several stuffed cats. It’s adorable for kids and functional for adults! Check it out at Design Dazzle!

#5 – Jelly Fish

It’s as easy as attaching some streamers to a clear or white umbrella! Our dollar store sells umbrellas that would work for this project, meaning you could complete this costume for as little as $2!

Of course, there are many ways you can upgrade this costume if you want to be fancier. Here’s a great tutorial on how to design this costume!

alphamom for
Created by Brenda Ponnay on AlphaMom

#4 – Jelly Beans

Oh, my goodness! My kids love jelly beans and balloons, so they would absolutely adore these Jelly Belly themed cheap Halloween costumes. All it takes is a clear garbage bag, some balloons and a printed Jelly Belly logo. Check out this affordable and easy tutorial from The SITS Girls!

jellybelly for
Courtesy of The SITS Girls

#3 – Flower Pot

Admittedly, this costume is easier for little ones who can actually fit inside little tubs like this. I doubt the Dollar Tree sells anything in my size! However, this $6 costume is perfect for little ones! Check out this awesome tutorial from the Clumsy Crafter.

flowerpot for
Courtesy of the Clumsy Crafter

#2 – Wilson from Home Improvement

I loved this show! Well, okay, I still love this show. This 90’s throwback costume honors Home Improvement character Wilson, the Taylor’s mysterious neighbor who never showed his face. This costume is as easy (and cheap) as a floppy hat and a tiny fence made out of popsicle sticks.

wilson for

#1 – Stick Figures

My children don’t know it yet, but I think they’ll all be going around the neighborhood as stick figures this year. I love this clever and ultra-affordable idea! However, with all the money I’ll be saving on cheap Halloween costumes, I think I’ll dress the kids up in black clothes with the special $6 glow-in-the-dark tape that Walmart sells. It’ll look awesome while they’re out trick-or-treating!

 Update: The $50 Walmart gift card contest has concluded. Congratulations, Justin!

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