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Why is My DEMCO Bill So High?!

Why is My DEMCO Bill So High?!

If you’re wondering “Why is my DEMCO bill so high?” you may be eligible for financial assistance! We’ve found several ways that you can get help paying your bill, saving money and making your home more energy efficient.

We found help for your DEMCO bill.

The Louisiana LIHEAP benefit might help you save money on your bill by automatically applying a set amount to your DEMCO bill. The amount depends on your income, your household size and your need. You must apply for the program through your local community action agency by providing information on your house, your average utility bill and your family size.

DEMCO’s Roundup program could help you save money on your bill. If you’re struggling to pay your bill, you could get help through Roundup. Since the program is based on donations from other customers, help may not always be available. You’ll need to meet certain other requirements if funding is available.

If you’re struggling with your bill, you might be able to get help through the utility company’s assistance program. You’ll need to apply using the application on their website. You may also need to meet other requirements to get approved for the program. Funding may not always be available and not everyone will qualify for help.

You could get help through the Salvation Army. If you’ve received a shut-off notice, if your bill is very high or if you’re struggling with a past due bill, you might be able to get help through the organization. You’ll need to apply for the program to using your household information and income information.

DEMCO offers payment options.

Levelized bills might not save you a lot of money, but they could help you avoid big bills during the hot and cold periods throughout the year. Not everyone gets approved for the levelized billing program with the utility company. You’ll need to apply for and meet certain requirements to become a part of the program.

Different rates are available for DEMCO customers. You might only be able to change your rate plan during certain times of the year. The utility company may also restrict how many times you can change your plan. Choosing a plan with lower rates during off-peak hours is a great way to save money without having to put much effort into it.

While the utility company doesn’t offer specific rules on payment arrangements, you could get help with a payment arrangement. You’ll need to contact the company to get help with payment arrangements. They may also offer help with extensions during certain times of the year.

Lower your bill while upgrading your house.

The weatherization assistance program in Louisiana might be able to help you upgrade your home for free. With weatherization, you can get free upgrades like a new heating system, additional insulation in your home and even upgraded floors that are more energy efficient. Some customers may even qualify for new appliances that are made for energy efficiency. While this program works great for homeowners, it may also be an option for renters. You can apply for it through your community action agency.

You’re a Touchstone member and here’s what you get.

DEMCO is a part of the Touchstone community! You get benefits just for being a member. You can get help with free things, discounts and even a prescription card. Your Touchstone membership comes with tons of benefits. Check out everything we’ve found about being a Touchstone member right here!

Is your child interested in energy or other things related to energy? He or she could win a free trip to D.C. The essay contest chooses four winners each year to take an all expenses paid trip to the nation’s capital to learn more about energy.

Your utility company offers scholarships for high school seniors interested in energy and conservation. Your child might qualify for a scholarship through the program and it might help them pay for a portion of their education.

Save more money on your power bill!

Do you want to save even more money on your energy bill? We found tips to help you save money on your bill. You can reduce your energy usage and get the help you need to lower your bill just by using these simple tips. The best part? Most of them are free or cheap!

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