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Get Help with Your Great Lakes Energy Bill

Get Help with Your Great Lakes Energy Bill

If you’re struggling with your Great Lakes Energy bill, we get it. We’ve been there! We found resources to help you save money on your bills while also getting the help you need to stay on top of the bill in the future!

Get help with your Great Lakes Energy bill!

You get capital credit refunds from the energy company! When you’re struggling to pay your bill, always make sure you check to see if you have capital credits available. These could help you pay for your bill. In many cases, they can be applied directly to your Great Lakes Energy bill.

The Michigan LIHEAP benefit might help you save money on your bill. The program is based on income and on household size. It could help you save money by automatically applying a credit to your bill.

If you’re dealing with an issue that is deemed a crisis, you might be able to get help through Great Lakes Energy. Their crisis assistance program could help you get caught up on your bill and could even help pay for a past due bill that’s causing a shut-off notice.

The Michigan Home Heating credit could help you save some money on your Great Lakes Energy bill! You’ll need to apply for help through the energy company. Crisis situations receive funding on a case by case basis.

Are you a veteran struggling to pay your Great Lakes Energy bill? You might be able to get help through the emergency grant program for veterans! The program could help you get caught up on a high bill or could help you pay for a past-due bill that’s causing issues.

Avoid shut-off.

Michigan offers winter protection options for people who have Great Lakes Energy and others in the state. During the winter months, you’re protected from shut-off!

If you’re facing a shut-off, but you feel you could pay your bill over a period of time, you might be able to get payment arrangements through Great Lakes Energy. You’ll need to apply for the extension or arrangement. Not everyone is approved for it.

Active duty military members could get help with shut-off protection. The company offers this benefit to active duty military members who might be facing shut-off and meet other guidelines. You’ll need to contact the company to get help with shut-off protection.

Great Lakes Energy also provides protection for people who are in the middle of a medical emergency. You’ll need to provide proof of the medical issue and your plan to pay it back after the protection expires. You may also be required to meet certain other guidelines with the program.

Great Lakes Energy offers payment options.

The flexpay program from Great Lakes Energy could help you make sure you don’t have to worry about shut-off notices and late fees. By prepaying for energy, you allow yourself to pay in a more flexible way. You can pay ahead of time and just add money when the amount you paid initially is getting low. Prepay energy may also be easier to qualify for than traditional energy.

With budget billing, you could get help with your bill if it’s very high during the cold winter months. The company looks at your usage over the past 12 months and calculates an average bill. You will be required to pay anything you used above the average when your term is up.

Choose your rates to save money! Great Lakes Energy offers different rates to choose from. One of the most popular options is the off-peak rates. If you are using this rate plan and you use your energy during off-peak hours, you can save money. The rates are lower than the rates during peak hours.

You can save energy by upgrading your home…for free!

With weatherization, you might have the chance to upgrade your home and make it easier to save money on energy. You’ll need to meet certain requirements to get approved for weatherization. You can apply for it through your local assistance office. The program is free and provides upgrades like insulation and new flooring for people who qualify.

You could get rebates on appliances, heat pumps and even light bulbs through Great Lakes Energy. Before purchasing a new appliance or anything else for your home, check with the company to see if a rebate is available!

You get benefits for being a Touchstone member!

Great Lakes Energy is a Touchstone Energy company. As a member of a Touchstone co-op, you can get benefits. You can get things like free credits, discounts on services and even vouchers to do free things in your area. The benefits also include a discount prescription card.

Read more here about all the benefits you get as a Touchstone member!

The Youth Leadership Tour sends teens to D.C. each year. If your teen is interested in the program, they can get a trip to D.C. from Great Lakes Energy.

Great Lakes Energy offers a lineworker scholarship to two lucky students each year. The scholarship helps them get into a trade school for lineworkers and can make it easier to get into the field.

Did you know Great Lakes Energy offers internet? You can get the same great service you get with your electric as an internet provider! You could even get a discount on the internet if you’re an electric customer!

Save even more on your power bill!

Saving money on your power bill doesn’t have to be hard! Check out these easy tips we found to lower your energy usage and lower your power bill at the same time!

We found free stuff in Michigan!