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Get Help with Your NYSEG Bill

Get Help with Your NYSEG Bill

Need help with your NYSEG bill? New York State Electric and Gas Corporation offers several programs that can help you with your expensive utility bills – and there are several other agencies that can assist you when your payments are too high or you’re at risk of being shut-off.

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Make Your Life Easier with Payment Options

New York State Electric and Gas Corporation has different payment options that can help you get the right type of billing for your needs. With their budget billing, they can help you save money during the higher cost electric seasons. The program allows the company to even out your payments so they are the same every month of the year except one. In the 12th month, you will pay less or more depending on your actual usage throughout the year.

In a unique program that New York State Electric and Gas Corporation offers, you can reduce your energy usage and actually get cash back to use toward your energy bill. The NYSEG Corporation Cashback program will occasionally ask their customers to reduce energy usage to help with the power grid in the state. When they see you have reduced your electric voluntarily, they can offer cashback to you.

Need Help Paying Your New York State Electric And Gas Corporation Bill? We Found Help!

HEAP offers emergency heating grants for each heating season. If you need help paying your power bill during the cold winter months, you can apply for HEAP through your local benefits office. They will do their best to help you pay your NYSEG bill.

In addition to the HEAP options you have, New York also has EAP benefits for people who need help paying their bills or who need help getting caught up on bills that are past due. If you need help with a bill credit or if you have a lot of money that is past due, you can apply for EAP to help you pay that amount. This benefit is usually added onto any HEAP benefits you get. It can be used throughout the year instead of just in the winter months.

Get Free Home Improvements And Save!

New York State Electric and Gas Corporation tries to help their customers avoid outrageous power bills they are unable to pay. The company may be able to help customers with things like energy efficient light bulbs, appliances and other items that may be wasting a lot of electricity through their YES program. It is easy to apply. You will simply need to be a customer and use your bill to enroll in the YES program. Once you do that, you may start getting the energy efficient items you need right away.

In addition to the free items customers can get from NYSEG, they can get federal and state help from their benefits department. This help may include weatherization, which can help customers weatherproof their home to make it more efficient to heat or cool. The program is available for both renters and owners who are struggling with high bills.

Avoid Shut Off With These Resources

There are private organizations that can help you avoid shut off. The Good Neighbor Fund is something that was set up in the Central Hudson area so people can use it to make sure they are not going to lose their power.

Additionally, there are church programs like the Catholic Charities that can help you with your electric or gas bill to avoid shut off. You do not have to be a member of the Catholic church to receive the help they are providing through their various charities.

The Heartshare Program is a statewide non-profit that can help those who are in need pay utility bills. They have offices as far south as Erie and all around the state. They can help you pay your bill one time. Contact them to verify you meet their requirements to be eligible for help.

Save Even More on Your New York State Energy and Gas Corporation Bill!

On top of the programs you can use to help yourself through the state and through NYSEG, you can use other power saving tips to give you a lower energy bill. Following the tips is easy. Most of them are free. By just making small changes to what you’re already doing, you may find that you can save a lot of energy and, in turn, money.  If you take advantage of these power-saving tips, you can save even more money on your utility bills. Saving money on your utilities may be able to help you reduce the chance of getting in this type of tight spot again.

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