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How to Get Free Home Repair in Hawaii

Home repairs can be so expensive, but getting free home repair in Hawaii isn’t hard! You can get updates to your home and or it repaired by a professional by taking advantage of some of these programs available to you.

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Get free home repair in Hawaii.

Even if you’ve already taken advantage of a USDA-backed mortgage, the USDA might still be able to help you. With their grant program, they can help you get free home repair in Hawaii. You can use the grant for different types of repairs. It works well for families and individuals in Hawaii who might not be able to qualify for financing due to lack of funds or poor credit.

If you need to make upgrades that could be considered energy-saving, you might qualify for the weatherization program in Hawaii. The weatherization program can help you repair or replace your cooling system. It could also help you add additional insulation to your home to make it cool and could even replace windows that just aren’t doing the job anymore. You must meet certain income requirements to qualify for weatherization.

In addition to helping people build homes, the Habitat for Humanity may also be able to help with a grant or a sweat-equity backed loan. The organization works with low-income individuals who are in desperate need of repairs to their home and who cannot afford them on their own. Even if you don’t qualify for the grant, you might be able to get help by visiting the Habitat for Humanity Restore which has recycled home appliances, furniture, building materials and other things you could use to fix your home up.

These home repair programs might help.

The Native American Housing Assistance program in Hawaii could help you with home repairs. You must meet certain requirements to get this help, but there is no limit on the type of repairs you can get through the program. Additionally, you might be able to qualify for emergency repair services depending on the issue you’re trying to repair.

With the Nānākuli Housing Corporation, you might be able to get free home repair in Hawaii. The program works to help those who are in the area and who cannot afford to do home repairs on their own. Funding is limited so it’s important to apply as soon as you know you’ll need help.

Hawaii residents who are 62 years old or older could get help. Those who are not seniors but who are disabled may also be able to get help through the Elderly Affairs in Hawaii. The department works to help people who are older and having trouble paying to get things fixed in their home. It may also help make the home more accessible for those who are disabled and those who are unable to get around their home. The program comes at no cost to the elderly since it offers grants to help.

Credit not so good? Use these loans to repair your home!

If you’re a veteran, you could be entitled to special financing rates that are not dependent on your credit! You can get a home repair loan from the VA. The interest rate is 5.99% and is not variable. The loan can be up to $20,000 and in some cases up to $50,000. There are certain requirements you’ll need to meet to get approved for the loan.

The state-backed home improvement loan through the Malama organization helps those who are low-income and need help with home improvements. Certain people, like families with children, may be given priority over others for the home repair loans. You must apply through the organization to get free home repair in Hawaii.

You could be eligible for property tax relief in Hawaii!

Hawaii property tax relief could help you pay for a portion of your taxes. The program could reduce the amount you owe if you’re a low-income individual. Those who are blind, deaf and disabled could also get help. As a result of the 2018 volcanic eruption in Hawaii, homeowners may also be exempt from paying property taxes in certain situations. If you were affected by the eruption, it’s important to talk with your community action program to get tax relief assistance.

The property tax rates change from year-to-year in Hawaii and that helps you make the most of the tax rate you pay. If you think your tax bill will be very high, you might want to check to make sure you’re using the right rates.

free home repair in hawaii

You might qualify for Hawaii foreclosure relief.

Hawaiian Community Assets might help those who are in danger of foreclosure. The relief efforts can range from counseling to postponement. You can also learn how to make sure you’re prepared for the financial burden of owning a home through the counseling efforts they offer.

The Mortgage Relief Project could help you with foreclosure relief depending on your situation. You might be able to get help with counseling and even financial assistance depending on the issues you have with paying your mortgage. You do not have to be low-income to get counseling services, but you might have to meet certain requirements to qualify for financial assistance.

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City and county specific home repair grants are here.

Depending on where you are in Hawaii, you could get help from your city or county. Different counties can help with free home repair in Hawaii with grants. It’s important to note that Kalawao County does not have home repair resources. The county falls almost entirely under the jurisdiction of the state health authority. Instead, those who are in Kalawao County must rely on state resources for free home repair in Hawaii.

Hawaii County

If you’re in Hawaii County, you could get help through the Residential Repair Program. This program is in place to fix up and repair homes that are in need of safety-related updates. You must apply for the program and you must meet certain requirements to be approved for assistance.

The Hawaii County Housing Agency works with those in the county who are in need of free home repair in Hawaii. They may not be able to provide you with a grant like some other programs in the state, but they do offer some loans to those who qualify. The loans could eliminate or lessen the total amount you must pay upfront for home repair costs.

Honolulu County

The Honolulu County Housing Authority might offer some grants and low-interest rate loans to help you with your home repair needs. You can get free home repair help in Hawaii if you’re in the city of Honolulu or in Honolulu County. There are various programs available to help low-income residents, but you must apply for the programs through the housing authority.

The Habitat for Humanity in Honolulu could help with grants for homeowners who are struggling with repairs. The Habitat works to help people get the assistance they need, but they may require you to do some of the work yourself if they provide someone to oversee the repairs along with the necessary supplies.

Kaua’i County

The Kaua’i County housing authority could help with free home repair in Hawaii. You must apply for assistance through the authority and you should do it early since there is usually a waiting list. It’s important to note that the elderly, families with children, and those with disabilities receive priority for help from Kaua’i.

Maui County

If you’re in Maui County, you might be able to get help from the county for fixing your home. The county offers low-interest rate loans to those who qualify. To get approved for one of these loans, you must do an application with the Housing Division.

Get help with grants now.

Grants work for many different repairs. You can get help paying for these repairs no matter where you are in Hawaii. If you’re struggling to find information on grants in your area, you can contact your local assistance office for help!

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Alana Kapuni

Thursday 14th of July 2022

I am a young native Hawaiian woman that came from a really rough back ground as a native it seems that all of the odds are always against you no matter what you do or how hard you work, as if the system is purposely set up for failure so the natives lose all of their land. I am inquiring for home repair grants as you know the cost of just living in the state of Hawaii is a hand and a foot, after the covid pandemic the cost of living in the once beautiful state has just increased ten fold. I am the only child of two Hawaiians a husband and wife we live on one of the last islands that hasn't been ruined by the Politian's for their own political gains greedy rich people or the military. Receiving an adequate amount of grant money to complete all home repair renovations will not only ensure the well being of one of the last hawaiian families and assuring cultural practices for the future hawaiian generations. Aloha Alana Kapuni

Catherine Marucci

Friday 15th of July 2022

Hi Alana. If you aren't having any luck with the programs above (or if they're not enough), call 211 for resources in your area. They may be able to suggest additional ones.

Raelene Solon

Wednesday 17th of February 2021

To whom it may concern, Im inquiring to see if there is any program for home repair loan or grant. My aunty lives in Oahu on Hawaiian homes in Waimanalo and shes over 62 years with low income

Hannah Benge

Friday 26th of February 2021

This is what we have for home repair . We hope this helps! -Hannah