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KCP&L Bill Too Much? You Could Get Help

KCP&L Bill Too Much? You Could Get Help

We know how hard it is because we’ve been there! If you’re struggling with your KCP&L bill, you could have options. When you know that help is available, you can start saving and stop worrying!


In 2018, KCP&L merged with Westar energy! While the companies continue operating separately, you might be able to find more help here!

Need help paying your KCP&L bill? We found help!

If you’re a Missouri KCP&L customer, you could get help through the Missouri LIHEAP benefit. The benefit can provide you with monthly assistance for your bill so you can make sure that it isn’t too hard to pay. You must apply for the program through your community action agency.


Kansas customers may be able to get help from Kansas LIEAP. The program works to help customers pay a portion of their bill. You could qualify for up to $200 automatically applied to your account each month. Apply through your assistance office to find out if you qualify for LIEAP help.

The Dollar-Aide fund could help you pay a portion of your KCP&L bill. With Dollar-Aide, you can get help paying your bill and you can make sure that you have the right amount applied to your bill each month. You can submit your application through the website.


The Economic Relief Pilot Program from KCP&L could help you pay for your bill. The ERPP helps by offering customers a chance at $65 per month applied directly to their account. You can apply and get qualified for the program through KCP&L.

Avoid shut-off with these resources!

You could get help through the Bishop Sullivan center. The organization only offers assistance when funding is available and it may not be available at all times. You must have a shut-off notice and apply in person to get help.

Christ the King church in Kansas City could help you pay for your electric bill. If you have a shut-off notice, the church may be able to pay a portion of the amount to make sure you’re current with your service. It’s important to note that you might need to bring your shut-off notice in along with documentation providing proof of need.

The Salvation Army offers benefits for those struggling to pay their utility bills. They may not be able to help everyone who applies, but they will base it off of need and interest level. You must apply through the Salvation Army to get help. You could qualify for up to $200 in one-time payments or smaller monthly payments.

Is it between November and March? You might not have your electric shut off! KCP&L follows the Cold Weather Rule and will not shut off the electric when the temperature is below certain levels.

Are you disabled or elderly? Get help now!

If you’re using SSI or SSDI, you can take advantage of the adjustable due date through KCP&L. The adjustable due date allows you to change the date your bill is due to better align with your SSI or SSDI payment dates. The due date can be changed from month to month. KCP&L might require you to provide proof of your SSDI or SSI payment date.

Medical customers might be able to get protection from shut-offs and other things that KCP&L might do. The company might help customers when there are planned outages. They may also restore power first to medical customers. If you have a medical device that you rely on that functions on electricity, you can apply for the program through KCP&L.


The energy gift program allows someone to pay all or a portion of your bill. If you have someone willing to pay your bill, they must call into KCP&L and let the company know they wish to make an energy gift.

KCP&L offers helpful payment options!

While KCP&L does not have an official program for extensions and arrangements, they might be able to offer arrangements to those who apply for them. You simply need to let KCP&L know that you’re in need of an extension or arrangement and they might work with you.

The budget billing program works with those who are in need of help paying very high bills. If you have a high bill that you’re trying to pay, you can apply for the program. It works by allowing customers to average out their bills throughout the year. If you apply for the program and you pay the monthly average, you can then pay any difference at the end of 12 months.

Upgrade your home for free and save money!

KCP&L may be able to help you with some weatherization opportunities. The company might help customers get things like upgraded LED lighting and other options they can use to make their home more energy efficient. You must apply for the weatherization program through the company.

The Missouri weatherization assistance program offers added insulation and additional energy efficient appliances for your home. You might even be able to get a brand new fridge for free! Apply for the Missouri weatherization program through your local community action office.

The Kansas weatherization program could help you make your home more energy efficient. The program is intended for low-income families who need help with high electric bills due to appliances not being efficient and insulation not being sufficient. You must apply through your assistance office.


You can learn more about where you use the most energy through KCP&L. The company provides free home energy assessments to customers who qualify. You can learn about the amount of energy you’re using and where you’re using it the most to help you better figure out where to put money into upgrades.

Take even more steps to lower your KCP&L bill.

There are things you can be proactive about with your KCP&L bill! We found some of the best tips to help you lower your bill and make sure you’re saving money!

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