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Get Help Paying Your PNM Bill

Get Help Paying Your PNM Bill

Are you struggling to make ends meet while paying your public service company bill? We figured out how to get help paying your PNM bill!

Get help paying your PNM bill.

LIHEAP might be an option to help you pay your bill. You could get help with your public service company bill by applying for the LIHEAP benefit. The benefit pays a portion of your PNM bill each month. You must apply for it through your local community action agency. You’ll be required to provide proof of residence, your income and your household size.

The Good Neighbor Fund might help you pay for a bill that’s past due. You could get help with the full bill or with just a portion. You’ll need to meet certain requirements to get approved for the program.

If you need help paying your bill, you could get it through the Salvation Army. They might be able to provide up to $200 toward your bill. They give vouchers that you can take directly to PNM to pay for your bill.

Even if you’re not a member of the Catholic church, you might be able to get help through Catholic Charities. You’ll need to meet certain requirements and you’ll need to make sure you have information on your household size to get approved. You don’t need to be facing shut-off to get help, but having a shut-off notice might make it easier for you to get help through the organization.

We found ways to avoid shut-off with your public service company bill.

Good news! You have shut-off protection from November 15th until March 15th! PNM offers shut-off protection for customers who qualify during the cold months. You may be required to meet certain guidelines to qualify for this protection.

You might be able to get a payment extension if you qualify. You may need to meet certain income requirements to get approved for the extension program. There may be other requirements you’ll need to meet to get help extending your bill.

With HELP New Mexico, you might be able to get funds to bring your bill current so you don’t have your electric shut-off. The program only works during times when they have funding and you may need to meet certain requirements to get help through the program.

If you’re a senior and facing shut-off, you could get help through Silver Horizons. You’ll need to provide proof of pending shut-off and information on your income. You’ll also have to provide proof of your age to qualify for help. Funding may depend on what the organization has available at the time.

PNM offers payment options.

The budget billing program through PNM might help you save money on your bills and on high costs during the cold or hot months. With budget billing, your bills will be about the same from month to month. The company uses information based on your past bills to figure out what to make your bills now. They average out the total amount and just require you to pay anything above the average after your 12-month period is up.

The Time of Use rate might help you save money on your bill. You’ll be able to save on the rate you pay if you use more electric during off-peak hours. By using this program, you can save a lot of money on your bills. You might also get rewards during certain times of the year from the utility company for using your electric during off-peak times.

Lower your bills while upgrading your home for free.

PNM offers weatherization services right through the company. You’ll need to apply for the services through your utilities to get help. The public service company has many options you can choose from if you’re approved for weatherization.

Even if you’re not approved through the company, you could get help with New Mexico weatherization. You’ll need to meet certain requirements and you’ll have to apply at your local community action agency to get help. The program could help you with insulation, flooring and heating systems.

If you’re purchasing a new appliance or something else energy efficient for your home, you could get a rebate on it through PNM. The company offers rebates for a variety of things from appliances all the way down to light bulbs!

Lower your power bill by using energy saving tips.

You can lower your energy bill by taking steps to make your home more energy efficient. Many of our favorite tips are free and you can do them easily!

We found free stuff in New Mexico!