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Get FREE Help in California

Get FREE Help in California

Are you looking for help in California? We’re here to help! Whether you’re searching for help with food, housing, benefits, pet care costs, or something else entirely, we’ve here to help you connect with the resources you need. We’ve found help in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento and beyond!

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Got CalFRESH? Get 100s of Freebies & Deals!

If you’ve got an EBT card in California, you need to know about this! We’ve found tons of freebies and deals for you.

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Get Internet for $5/mo or less!

Are you paying too much for internet? We’ve found many programs that are $20/month or less – and some are even FREE!

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How to Buy Fast Food with EBT in California!

If you’ve got EBT in California, you may be able to buy meals at McDonald’s, Subway and even Denny’s! We’ve found a full list of participating restaurants.

Are you ready to SAVE MONEY

We’ll show you how to get $5/month internet, free cell phone service, free laptops and even free cars!


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How to Get Transportation Assistance

Need help getting from one place to another? We’ve found seven options that can help you!

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Need help with pet care costs in California?

Got pets? If you need help with veterinary costs, pet food or other expenses, we’ve found resources that can help!

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Get Home Repair Grants

Need help with home repair or disability modifications? No problem! Many areas in California offer home repair and modification grants. We’ve got a full list!

How can we help you?

Low Income Relief has helped countless people get help in California!

My baby girl (oldest) comes to me and gives me her tablet and surprise, it’s “Low Income Relief.” I read for hours.

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Irene R.


Low Income Relief has helped me with my internet. I was paying over $120 a month for service and now just the Internet by itself is only $10 a month, from AT&T.

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Maci Y.


I’ve used Low Income Relief to find lots of great resources near Turlock. I learned that I could use my library card to access a lot of museums for free, and there are also several low cost vehicle repair shops that I found.

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Chris T.


How does Low Income Relief help in California?

Statistically, California has the highest poverty level in the country. According to a recent study, nearly 20% of residents in California live in poverty. That’s about one in five people, and that’s a big problem!

But that’s not even the whole picture. California faces unique challenges, like extraordinarily high rates of homelessness and soaring costs of housing.

That’s why The Public Policy Institute of California has created a specific California Poverty Measure to provide more insight. According to that measure, more than 36% of Californians are at or close to the poverty level. That’s more than one in three people!

Over the years that Low Income Relief has existed, we’ve learned that many people in California don’t know about the programs that exist to help them. If they don’t know about these programs, they can’t use them… and they struggle more than they have to because there isn’t an easy way to find this information.

That’s why we created Low Income Relief. We wanted to help low income people in California and across the country quickly and easily find the benefits that they may qualify for. We’ve helped tons of people save money, get free stuff and make ends meet by helping them discover programs that can meet their needs.

In this guide, you’ll find everything we’ve found that is unique to your state. For more assistance that is available nationwide, be sure to check this link as well. If you have any questions, you can chat with Lira now or leave a comment anywhere on our website for more information.

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