How to Get Cheap Internet from AT&T

(Last Updated On: October 9, 2018)

Get cheap Internet access for just $5 per month through AT&T’s Access Internet program! For just $5-$10 per month, you’ll receive reliable home Internet access, a free Wi-Fi router and free access to all of AT&T’s hot spots!

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What is AT&T Access Internet?

AT&T’s Access Internet program is a low cost Internet option for low income subscribers. As an Access customer, you’ll have no deposit, no installation fees, no activation fees and no long-term commitment. It’s a great way to get Internet without a lot of out-of-pocket expenses!

AT&T offers three speeds through this program. Unfortunately, they will assign you whatever the fastest speed for your area is. If that’s 3 mbps, you’ll pay just $5. If that’s 5-10 mbps, you’ll pay $10. You don’t get to choose.

Unfortunately, there are data limits. You’ll be capped at either 150GB or 1TB of data, depending on your service. If you exceed that, you’ll be charged $10 – and an additional $10 for every 50GB you use.

As an added benefit, you will also be able to connect to and use all of AT&T’s hotspots at no extra charge! AT&T WiFi Hot Spots usually charge $3.99 per session, so this can be a real money-saver if you often rely on in-town Internet hot spots.

You’ll receive a Wi-Fi capable modem or gateway with your service. This will allow you to connect all of your Wi-Fi enabled devices.

cheap Internet from AT&T

Who qualifies for this program?

To qualify, you must meet the following requirements:

*If you live in California, you may also qualify if one member of your household receives Supplemental Security Income.

How do I apply?

You have to apply online. This program is not available in-store! Just click here, enter your address and follow the steps to securing your cheap Internet service.


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