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Get FREE Internet through Access from AT&T

Get FREE Internet through Access from AT&T

Get cheap Internet access for just $5 per month through AT&T’s Access Internet program! For just $5-$10 per month, you’ll receive reliable home Internet access, a free Wi-Fi router and free access to all of AT&T’s hot spots!


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Access from AT&T

What is AT&T Access Internet?

Access from AT&T is a low cost Internet option for low income subscribers. As an Access customer, you’ll have no deposit, no installation fees, no activation fees and no annual commitment. It’s a great way to get Internet without a lot of out-of-pocket expenses!


AT&T offers three speeds through this program. Unfortunately, they will assign you whatever the fastest speed for your area is. If that’s 3 Mbps, you’ll pay just $5. If that’s 5-10 Mbps, you’ll pay $10. You don’t get to choose.

As an added benefit, you will also be able to connect to and use all of AT&T’s hot spots at no extra charge! AT&T WiFi Hot Spots usually charge $3.99 per session, so this can be a real money-saver if you often rely on in-town Internet hot spots.


You’ll receive a Wi-Fi capable modem or gateway with your service. This will allow you to connect all of your Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Unfortunately, on the $5 and $10 per month plans, you will have a monthly data allowance. The allowance is 150GB for the $5 plan or 1TB of data for the $10 plan. The billing occurs in 50 GB blocks, so you’ll be charged $10 even if you only use 5 GB of data (or $20 even if you only use 55 GB of data).

You can get FREE internet with no data limits!

However, Access by AT&T now offers a $30 per month plan that includes speeds of up to 100 Mbps and an unlimited data allowance. If you are eligible for this low rate, you should also be eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program which can provide a $30 per month subsidy on your internet bill… which means your unlimited service could be completely FREE!

Who qualifies for this program?

To qualify, you must meet the following requirements:

If you live in California, you may also qualify if one member of your household receives Supplemental Security Income.

How do I apply?

It’s easy to get free internet from AT&T! You just have to follow two steps.

First, apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program on the federal website.


Next, call AT&T! As of this update, they recommend calling 833-940-2607 for English or 844-498-3629 for Spanish. Have your National Verifier application ID from your ACP application available when you call.

If you would rather apply for Access from AT&T without the Affordable Connectivity Program, you can do so directly on the AT&T website.

Frequently Asked Questions about Access from AT&T

We get a lot of questions about this incredible program! We’ve answered some of the common questions here. If you have additional questions, let us know in the comments!

How do I contact AT&T Access Program?

You can contact the AT&T Access Program by calling 833-940-2607 for English or 844-498-3629 for Spanish.

Is AT&T Access still available?

Yes, Access from AT&T is still available! As long as you live in the service area and meet the eligibility requirements, you can receive free internet from this low income program.

How do I get internet with SNAP benefits?

If you’ve got SNAP benefits, you can receive discounted and even free internet from several providers! We have a full list here.


How long does it take to get AT&T Access?

It can take as little as three days to get your Wi-Fi Gateway and get started with your service!

Does ATT give discount for SNAP recipients?

Yes! If you receive SNAP or are otherwise eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program, you may be able to get FREE Internet through Access from AT&T!

Does AT&T give a senior discount?

Seniors who have an AARP membership may be able to get an AT&T discount through AARP. Otherwise, the only senior-exclusive discount AT&T offers is their very bare-bones senior plan.

Does AT&T have a disability discount?

There is no discount that is exclusively for people with disabilities. However, you may be eligible for Lifeline or the Affordable Connectivity Program, which may be able to help with your AT&T bills.

Does AT&T give discounts for low income families?

Yes! If you are eligible for food stamps or the Affordable Connectivity Program, you may be able to get free internet from AT&T.

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Saturday 23rd of February 2019

Is this in MN Is it for everyone or do you have to switch to [email protected]

tom overturf

Friday 18th of February 2022

@Riley Thomson, does this count as a lifeline program?

Riley Thomson

Monday 25th of February 2019

Timwhitomb, It looks like your state may not qualify for the AT&T cheap internet. But here is more information for low income internet options. I hope this helps. -Riley


Tuesday 19th of February 2019

Can you qualify if you have SSDI?

Riley Thomson

Saturday 23rd of February 2019

Eva, So far, these are the qualifications we have found for Cheap Internet from AT&T. If you are still unsure, you may need to contact AT&T directly for more information. Thanks. -Riley


Tuesday 29th of January 2019

How do I qualify for the low income under 135.. Does att&t honor this program, or is it only, govn asst. Like medicaid or food stamps

Riley Thomson

Saturday 2nd of February 2019

Jody, Read more about who qualifies for cheap internet from AT&T and how to apply here. Make sure to scroll down to find the answers to your questions. I hope this helps. -Riley

Freddie Baskin

Thursday 24th of January 2019

how do I look at my account? I have att access Internet, Having Problems Logging in to View My Bill.

Riley Thomson

Friday 1st of February 2019

Freddie, You will have to contact AT&T directly for help with that question. -Riley

Diane Dansereau

Friday 18th of January 2019

Hi Nicole, I Live in Az, A Little Town, No Big City. I Had Internet hooked up to my T V with Roku and also a Amazon Fire Stick. Will I be able to watch T.V with there Low Discounts Offerings? I couldn't pay the big bucks Anymore With CenturyLink. I had to do away with Internet and home phone. I'm 59, have 0 income, Almost been 6 years since I Filed for SSDI, my hearing is set in April. Thank goodness I own my home and vehicle. My Bill's have been a Struggle. My Concern is my Property Taxes That were Due Nov 2018. I know I'm going to get hit with a penalty. Do you know of Any place that may guide me with this penalty charge?

Charlotte Blackburn

Saturday 4th of May 2019

Diane, please also co out your option to homestead your property. By homesteading you can get your property taxes reduced by 55%. To find out more contact your local Property Evaluation office. I know your struggle. I also was without an income for over 5 years before my Social Security was approved. Best of luck to you! God bless. ?

Shawny Livingston

Friday 29th of March 2019

You may qualify for this exemption on the date you become age 65. You must submit proof of age. ... If you qualify for the Over-65 Exemption, there is a property tax “ceiling” that automatically limits School taxes to the amount you paid in the year that you qualified for the homestead and Over-65 exemption.

Riley Thomson

Friday 1st of March 2019

Diane, Here are a couple of resources you may find helpful:

Property Tax Relief Low Income Utilities Cheap Internet Options

I hope this helps. -Riley