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Need help in Arizona? You’ve come to the right place! Low Income Relief exists to help people save money, get free stuff and make ends meet – and we’ve found a lot of help in Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa and beyond!

Unfortunately, many people in Arizona don’t know that there are programs out there that can help them save money, get free stuff and make ends meet. Sure, many people know about food stamps… but do you know that your food stamps can get you discounts at hundreds of places around the country?

That’s why Low Income Relief exists. We’re an information service dedicated to finding help for low income people in Arizona. We have helped countless people save money, get free stuff and make ends meet by providing them with information about benefits, programs, and resources in their local communities.

In this guide, you’ll find everything we’ve found that is unique to your state. If you have any questions, you can chat with Lira now or leave a comment anywhere on our website for more information.

Our zoo is very expensive per person, so when we found the Low Income Relief website we were thrilled for the ticket discount!!! Now we can enjoy the animals & birds and get our exercise in a fun, family way! ️-Tricia I., Arizona

I took my grandkids to the zoo and had a blast with the whole family. Thank you for the tip! -Anna, Arizona

I love all the posts you have done! I did a basic search for something and I have been soaking in all of the great deals out there. That was an hour and a half ago I sat down to do that “quick search”! -April, Arizona

Is Panhandling Illegal?

Are you curious to know if panhandling is illegal in your state? There are many kinds of laws that have been put in place to regulate or prevent the act of panhandling. Although many states have ruled that the act of begging or soliciting charity is protected by the first amendment, there are still many states with laws against panhandling itself.

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