Your NC Food Stamps Card Can Do This?!

(Last Updated On: January 2, 2020)

A North Carolina food stamps card can do so much more than buy groceries and give you cash benefits. It can also be used for discounted admission, growing a garden and so much more! Check out all the awesome and unadvertised NC food stamps perks we’ve discovered!

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Got NC food stamps? Get incredible discounts!

Amazon offers steep discounts on Amazon Prime membership for low income customers! You’ll need to verify that you receive food stamps or Medicaid to get this incredible price.

Cell phones and service are available FREE. If you qualify for NC food stamps, you may qualify for a FREE smartphone and FREE monthly service (including data)!

FREE Fishing License waivers  are available to NC food stamps recipients. In fact, any North Carolina residents with either a Medicaid, EBT, or Work First Family Assistance program letter can get a fishing license waiver. The waiver provides basic fishing license privileges for inland, coastal and joint waters. It’s valid for 12 months and may be renewed annually through your local DSS office.

Did you know you could buy this with your NC food stamps card?

Did you know you can buy this?! Many people think that you can only buy food with your food stamps card, but that’s not technically true. Your food stamps card can do much more than buy groceries! You can also buy seeds, produce-bearing plants, some birthday cakes and even certain gift baskets!

Did you know you can shop here?! You can use your NC food stamps funds in some unexpected places. In addition to most grocery stores and gas stations, you can use your card at Costco, many farmer’s markets and even Schwans food delivery trucks! Some retailers even give you discounts when you shop with your NC food stamps card!

Wait — you can’t afford to miss this!

You could qualify for more food stamps funds! Who doesn’t need more grocery money every month? If you’ve been struggling to make ends meet, I have good news. We’ve found several legal ways that you can increase your monthly food stamps balance! If you’re ready to get more grocery money each month, then you won’t want to miss this post!

You can even get cash back from your food stamps card! It’s true and it’s legal – no cash benefits required. One of our readers earned an additional $437.84 just by shopping with her food stamps card. She uses that extra money to buy diapers, wipes and other essentials. Here’s how.

You may also qualify for these programs!

Internet is essential to daily life. You could qualify for Internet as low as $5 per month! Learn how to get discounted Internet services here!

Power companies may provide free weatherization services, free appliances and other perks for low income customers. Search for your power company here!

Property tax exemptions for low-income seniors and disabled veterans may be available from your local county assessor’s office. Contact your assessor’s office for more information, including income limits and application instructions.

Student loans? If you qualify for NC food stamps, you also qualify for income-based repayment plans! These plans can cost you as little as ZERO dollars per month and can even result in total loan forgiveness! Get the details on these low income student loan repayment plans here!

Veterinary care is so expensive! If you need help paying for pet care, we’ve found some resources for you. Get the details here!

YMCA usually offer discounts for low income individuals and families. If you’ve got NC food stamps, you may be able to get a discounted membership to your local YMCA! Since details vary by location, you’ll need to contact them directly for more information.

Get museum admission discounts with your NC food stamps!

For your convenience, we’ve organized our free and discounted museum admission list alphabetically by city. We’ve also used green titles for museums that accept EBT cards from all 50 states. Museums with black titles only accept NC food stamps cards for the discount.

Please note that you cannot pay for admission with your EBT card. You will show the EBT card to receive the discount but you will need to pay the remaining admission price, if any, in cash or with a credit/debit card.

happy woman gets EBT freebies and food stamps discounts


Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden – $1 per person

This all-seasons garden is located in 380 acres along the banks of Lake Wylie. It features spectacular gardens, sparking fountains, a conservatory with tropical plants and orchids, a garden store, nature trails and more.

Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock Art & History Museum – FREE

BRAHM is located in the small village of Blowing Rock, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s goal is to promote the arts, history and heritage of the mountains through programs, exhibits and collections. You can browse their current exhibits by clicking here. 


Children’s Playhouse – FREE Memberships

Located in the High Country, Children’s Playhouse provides engaging, interactive fun in all weather. Explore the Vet Clinic, Arts & Crafts studio, Meadow Room, kitchen, boulder wall and more!

The Children’s Playhouse says that they offer “free or half-price memberships to qualifying low-income families.” To qualify for a scholarship membership, you’ll need to visit the Playhouse or call 828-263-0011 between 12:30 pm and 3 pm.

Chapel Hill

Kidzu Children’s Museum – $3 per person

KidZu is a hands-on museum for young children.


Charlotte Nature Museum – $1 per person

Get close to nature with an adventure at Charlotte Nature Museum! Walk among butterflies, observe animals, get close to little critters or walk through a century-old forest on the nature trail. There’s always something to do at the nature museum!

This museum participates in the Welcome Program, which invites South Carolina AND North Carolina EBT or WIC recipients to visit certain museums for just $1 per person (up to 6 people). Just show your benefits card to the person at the admissions desk to receive your discount.

Guests who receive admission through this program will also be allowed to pay just $5 per vehicle for parking and purchase IMAX tickets for just $5 each. For more information, please click here.

Discovery Place – $1 per person

Discovery Place also participates in the Welcome Program! This museum invites families to explore science, technology and nature through interactive exhibits, learning labs, an aquarium and more. The Discovery Place is a multisensory, educational wonderland for visitors of all ages. This discount works for up to 6 people per EBT card!

…and here’s a great list of free museum days in Charlotte! Thanks, Charlotte on the Cheap!


Discovery Place KIDS – $1 per person

The Welcome Program works here, too! This museum is specifically designed to encourage children to explore their imaginations, learn social skills and develop confidence while they play. Be sure to check out the fun and exciting Learning Garden! This discount is available for up to 6 people per EBT card.

Kure Beach

Kure Beach Aquarium – $3 per person ($2 per kid)

Admire baby sea turtles and watch a swimmer interact with eels at Kure Beach Aquarium! Presently, Kure Beach Aquarium invites NC food stamps recipients to visit the aquarium for $3 per adult and $2 per child. Only four people can receive discounts with each EBT card. Kids ages 2 and under are always free, so they don’t count toward that limit.


Roanoke Island Aquarium – $3 per person ($2 per kid)

See an alligator and touch real stingrays at the Roanoke Island Aquarium! If you have NC food stamps, then you can get four people into the Aquarium for just $3 per adult and $2 per child! Kids 2 and under are always free!

Pine Knoll Shores

Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium – $3 per person ($2 per kids)

Watch otters play, come eye-to-eye with sharks and explore shipwrecks at the Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium. You can even see a rare white sea turtle! At this time, Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium invites NC food stamps recipients to visit for just $3 per adult or $2 per child. Up to four people can visit per EBT card.


Marbles Children’s Museum – SEE DETAILS

Families who receive public assistance in Raleigh can participate in the Wake County Health and Human Services’ Middle Class Express program. Families who participate in this program can receive free memberships to Marbles Children Museum, in addition to other benefits. You must be enrolled and participating in the Wake County Middle Class Express program in order to get this discount.


Discovery Place KIDS – $1 per person

The Welcome Program works here, too! This museum is specifically designed to encourage children to explore their imaginations, learn social skills and develop confidence while they play. Kids can create masterpieces, fix cars, be an inventor or a chef or a castle builder. Their imagination is the only limit at Discovery Place! This discount is available for up to 6 people per EBT card.


Kaleideum (Downtown & North) – $3 per person

Kaleideum was formed from the merger of both the Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem and SciWorks! The museum includes 25,000 square feet of exhibits and also 17 acres of Science and Environmental Parks. According to the website, “Permanent indoor exhibits include: The Planetarium, PhysicsWorks, SoundWorks, HealthWorks, BioWorks, KevaWorks, KidsWorks, and NC: Mountains to the Sea. The Science & Environmental Park includes animal habitats, nature trails, and interactive outdoor exhibits.”

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