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Low Income Resource Roundup | Oct 7, 2023

Low Income Resource Roundup | Oct 7, 2023

There’s money everywhere if you know where to look! From class action settlements to business grants to financial assistance programs, the Low Income Relief research team has found a ton of opportunities for you this week.


In our weekly roundup, you’ll find Nationwide news and Local news to help you make the most of every benefit available to you. Check out our findings below!

Nationwide Low Income News

We’ve found tons of grants and updates for you! Whether you’re looking to expand your education, build a business, or just survive on a low income, we’ve got all the news you need to know.

Applications Open for Live Your Dream Award

Soroptimist International is currently accepting applications for the annual Live Your Dream Award grants! You could win up to $16,000 to support your educational goals.

Here’s what you need to know about who is eligible and how to apply. Applications are due by November 15!


Congress Investigates Medicaid MCOs

Lawmakers are investigating seven of America’s largest Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs). These companies have suspiciously high denial rates for preauthorization requests.

The companies that are being investigated include:

  • Aetna
  • AmeriHealth Caritas
  • CareSource
  • Centene
  • Elevance
  • Molina Healthcare
  • United Healthcare Community & State

The lawmakers who are spearheading the investigation have demanded more information, including explanations about how certain benefits are categorized. The chief executives of those companies have until October 31 to respond.

New Ruling Lowers Prescription Costs

A federal court recently struck down a rule that caused certain people to pay much more for their medical care.

The rule, which was issued in 2020, allowed health insurers to exclude the value of financial assistance that drugmakers provide when calculating if patients have met their out-of-pocket obligations. It sounds like a minor detail but it caused some patients to pay thousands of dollars more every year!

The US District Court for the District of Columbia decided that the rule was arbitrary, capricious and relies on contradictory interpretations of law.

Act Now to Claim Your Payments

Companies sometimes mess up with faulty products or misleading ads. This can lead to class action settlements.


You might be owed money! There might be cash waiting just for you. Every bit counts. Claiming usually takes just a little time. Make sure you don’t miss out!

Vivint Smart Home Accounts
If you did not sign up for Vivint’s home security and monitoring and yet an account opened in your name between 2016-2019, then you may be eligible for this. More than 9,000 people are expected to be eligible.
Oct 9, 2023
Right Guard Antiperspirant
If you bought Right Guard Sport or Right Guard Xtreme antiperspirant sprays between November 19, 2018 and June 8, 2023, then you may be eligible. No proof required.
Oct 14, 2023
A&W Root Beer & Cream Soda – $5.50 value (estimated)
A&W wasn’t exactly honest when they said their products were “made with aged vanilla.” In fact, their products contained ethyl vanillin, an artificial flavoring. If you bought a cream soda or root beer product that said “made with aged vanilla” between Feb 7, 2016, and June 2, 2023, then you may be eligible for a check. No proof required.
Oct 18, 2023
The Standard Market – $750 value (estimated)
If you worked at The Standard Market in Illinois and they scanned your fingerprint between May 9, 2014 and February 22, 2020, you might be eligible for a substantial check!
Oct 18, 2023 Facebook Privacy – $30 value (estimated)
Military Advantage, the company that runs, has been accused of disclosing personally identifiable information to Facebook via the tracking pixel. If you used the site between June 8, 2020, and Nov 1, 2022, then you may be eligible for a settlement.
Oct 24, 2023
WSE Property Management
If you rented a property that was managed by WSE Property Management between September 17, 2000 and November 30, 2023, then you may be eligible for this payout.
Oct 30, 2023

Get Grants to Start or Expand a Business!

Starting a business is a great way to escape the poverty trap. It isn’t easy to get started, though – and that’s why I’m so excited to present these grant opportunities to you!

Our partner, Skip, maintains a comprehensive database of entrepreneurial grants that can help you take the leap into launching or growing your own business.

Here’s a list of grant initiatives that are currently accepting applications:

Open Entrepreneur Grants
NAACP Powershift Entrepreneurship Grant – $25,000
Daymond John is on a mission to award Black business owners on Black Entrepreneurs Day! If your business is 51% Black owned and you can be available for a live interview on October 20th, you may be able to win this! Apply by October 11.
StartHER Grant – $5,000
Whether you’ve got a business or want to start a business, this grant may be able to help you! They’re looking for 25 woman-owned businesses with five or fewer employees each. You must be located in the state of Texas and up to date on all taxes. Haven’t started yet? That’s not a problem! You can still apply. Applications are due by October 20.
Creceiendo Con TikTok – $5,000
This grant fund will provide FORTY (40) Latinx small business owners with a $5,000 grant! You must be a US-based, Latinx small business owner with a TikTok account in order to be eligible. Apply by October 23.
Small Business Growth Fund – up to $25,000
Got a small business in the United States? You could get up to $25,000 to help accelerate your growth. Apply by October 27.
October Skip Grants – $1,000
Every month, Skip gives away $1,000 to a US-based small business owner! To enter to win October’s grant, you need to apply by October 30.
“No” Grant – $2,000
This grant is open to US-based moms over age 18. Applications are due October 31, 2023.
Tory Burch Foundation Fellows Program – $5,000
Every year, this organization selects 50 women to participate in a yearlong program to grow their businesses. Winners even get a trip to New York City! Apply by November 2.

Millions Set Aside for Affordable Housing

Federal agencies have earmarked millions of dollars to help support affordable housing. This is more important than ever, since rent and mortgage costs are so difficult.

The US Treasury Department awarded $321 million to four dozen different organizations through the CDFI Fund’s Capital Magnet Fund.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development also released $160.1 million to nonprofits who can help make more affordable housing available for low income seniors. The homes that will be built through this program are designed to assist people who are at least 62 years old.

The agencies that received funding from HUD include:

  • Presbyterian Villages of Michigan in Westland, MI received $4,253,647 to build 81 homes.
  • CSI Support & Development in Baltimore, MD received $4,062,397 to build 78 homes.
  • National Church Residences in Columbus, OH received $9,049,330 to build 84 homes.
  • Mary Development Corporation in Cedarville, OH received $8,142,687 to build 44 homes.
  • Milton Residences for the Elderly, Inc. in Milton, MA received $6,485,654 to build 36 homes.
  • Seton Square in Ohio, OH received $10,593,311 to build 57 homes.
  • Merchants Affordable Housing Corp. in Oldenburg, IN received $6,616,636 to build 61 homes.
  • The Salvation Army, a California corporation in Ogden, UT received $3,343,568 to build 53 homes.
  • Inspirus, Inc. in Nashville, TN received $9,822,376 to build 80 homes.
  • Mercy Housing California in Oakland, CA received $12,750,333 to build 97 homes.
  • Opportunities Services Corp in Philadelphia, PA received $2,176,941 to build 41 homes.
  • DreamKey Partners, Inc. in Ninety Six, SC received $7,023,445 to build 75 homes.
  • 2Life Development Inc. in Boston, MA received $7,608,183 to build 127 homes.
  • The Community Builders, Inc. in Town of Enfield, CT received $10,140,166 to build 45 homes.
  • Woodlands Development Group, Inc. in Rupert, WV received $582,410 to build 14 homes.
  • Tapestry Development Group, Inc. in Pelzer, SC received $10,022,475 to build 80 homes.
  • Christian Church Homes in Memphis, TN received $8,273,985 to build 203 homes.
  • Tobacco Valley Development Corporation in Town of Enfield, CT received $7,018,113 to build 99 homes.
  • Unity Properties, Inc. in Baltimore, MD received $821,271 to build 80 homes.
  • Satellite Affordable Housing Associates in Livermore, CA received $7,212,190 to build 79 homes.
  • Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) in Seattle, WA received $3,848,220 to build 90 homes.
  • Southwest Housing Solutions in Farmington, MI received $1,733,791 to build 60 homes.
  • North Shore Community Development Coalition in Salem, MA received $9,689,556 to build 40 homes.
  • SOCAYR Inc. in Hopkinsville, KY received $4,956,417 to build 26 homes.
  • The Glendower Group, Inc. in New Haven, CT received $4,190,303 to build 50 homes.

Local Low Income News

We’ve found local news updates for Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia!


The Community Fund of Sun City West helps residents of Sun City West who need financial assistance. They can help you with groceries, medicine, housing, emergency medical bills and more. If you need help, you can call (623) 546-1122 any time to leave a voicemail.


Mark your calendar for these upcoming events!


In San Mateo County, libraries will soon start distributing free diapers to low income families. The libraries will distribute kits that include 80 diapers and 200 wipes during special giveaway events between now and February.

The Pasadena Rental Housing Board has approved relocation assistance for people who are evicted due to “no fault” evictions or rent increases they can’t afford.

The new rules will compel landlords to pay tenants a certain amount based on how long the tenants lived there, how many bedrooms are in the unit, and the area’s Fair Market Value. The amount will also include help with moving expenses.

The Pasadena Star-News estimated that a tenant who was living in their two bedroom apartment for more than a decade would receive around $15,000 in assistance. If one of the tenants was at least 60 years old, disabled, terminally ill, or a legally dependent minor, the household could receive an additional $8,760. That’s $23,760 before moving expenses are added in.

Landlords say the new rules are too complicated but the resolution passed on an 8-2 vote anyway.

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events!


Don’t miss these upcoming events!


The Alachua County Foster Grandparent is looking for low income seniors who are at least 55 years old. Foster Grandparents serve in schools, child care centers and after-school programs throughout the county.

If you participate in this program, you’ll receive many benefits including:

  • Non-taxable stipend payments per hour
  • Supplemental medical and automobile insurance
  • Transportation or mileage reimbursement
  • Daily meals or meal reimbursements
  • Free annual physical exams
  • Paid personal leave benefits
  • and more!

If you’d like to get started with the Alachua County Foster Grandparent Program, call (352) 264-6730 for details.

The Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority will start offering free rides to people who need help getting to work, medical appointments or other critical trips. The free rides start November 1st.

Those who were affected by Hurricane Idalia now have more places to turn for financial assistance. If you still need to connect with a disaster resource center, Florida Phoenix has information about the new centers that just opened.

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Falcons Landing is an affordable housing complex that will be built in Mountain Home.

The developer broke ground on the 136-unit affordable housing complex recently. The homes will be set aside for those who earn between 30-60% of the Area Median Income.

The first 60 homes are expected to be completed in July 2024.


Applications are now being accepted for the LIHEAP program! Right now, the program is only accepting applicants from seniors, people with disabilities, and families with young children under the age of 6. You must have a household income that is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level to qualify.

It is expected that funds will run out quickly unless the federal government adds additional money. That’s because the state only has 1/3 of the money available that it had in 2022. A drop in funding and an increase in utility rates mean that those benefits won’t go as far as usual.

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events!

  • Nov 2: Crisis LIHEAP applications open
  • Dec 1: All LIHEAP applications open


Center Township has voted to approve an extra $300,000 in additional funds for their township assistance fund. Of that, $200,000 of the money will be allocated for housing and $100,000 for utilities.

Don’t miss these upcoming events:

  • Oct 19: Eastern Indiana Veterans Resource Fair & Hiring Event in Richmond


Cedar Rapids has a new pilot program that will help low income households purchase a bike or e-bike.

Vouchers will cover $700 for a bike or $900 for an e-bike. They also include safety equipment like helmets and locks.

These vouchers are available to 78 income-eligible families who already participate in the Family Self-Sufficiency Program.


Mark your calendar for these upcoming events!

  • Oct 21: Career & Resource Fair at the Gonzalez Library


The Maine Public Utilities Commission has approved an extension of an energy assistance program. This program is expected to help an additional 46,000 people!

This approval includes a one-time increase to the Low Income Assistance Program and a boost to the eligibility thresholds for the MDHHS programs.


Baltimore City will distribute free Chromebooks to 30,000 low income families! This is made possible due to a grant from the state’s Connected Devices Program. The Pratt Library is in charge of helping with distribution, so be sure to check with them for details.

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The Healey-Driscoll Administration has updated the rules for the Child Care Financial Assistance Program!

The new rules simplify the application, reduce the paperwork requirements, and make other improvements. Families can attend appointments virtually, upload documents online, and opt for text or email communication. The new rules also waive fees for homeless families.

Governor Healey also signed a new $1 billion tax relief package this week. This bill accomplishes many different things. One of the things it does is raise the child and dependent tax credits to up to $440 next year.


Residents in U.P. Counties can apply for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program waitlist starting at 11am on October 17th! The application period will remain open until October 31st!

John Hoyns, an experienced lawyer, has pledged $20 million to help support low income law students at the University of Michigan Law School. The John K Hoyns Scholarship Fund and Hoyns Scholars program will help students graduate without a significant amount of debt.

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Cold Weather Rules went into effect on October 1st. These rules prevent Minnesotans from having their utilities disconnected for nonpayment during the winter. As long as you set up a payment plan, you can avoid disconnection of your service.

The Winter Rules remain in effect until April 30.


In Golden Triangle, a new closed-door pharmacy is helping low income seniors and others get their medication needs met. This program intends to deliver medications to patients every 28 days. There won’t be any fees for delivery or packaging, but the customers must pay the prescription copays. Learn more on the Golden Triangle Planning and Development District website.


Washington University in St. Louis is removing federal loans from their financial aid packages. They’re adding scholarships and grants instead, with the intent to help students graduate without crippling student debt.

The Missouri LIHEAP Program has opened for the 2024 award year! Seniors and people with disabilities can apply now. Other households have to wait until November 1 to start their applications.


New mothers will now get a full year of Medicaid coverage after birth, thanks to a new order issued by Governor Pillen.

New York

Orange County flood victims are asking Governor Hochul to appeal FEMA’s decision to deny individual assistance for the victims of severe flooding in July. The governor has to file an appeal within 30 days.

North Carolina

The US Department of Labor has funding available to assist dislocated workers in Buncombe, Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Haywood, Henderson, Jackson, Macon, Madison, Swain or Transylvania Counties, who want to learn a new skill or pursue an associates degree. Salaried, hourly and self-employed workers may be eligible!

North Carolina is set to expand Medicaid! The change is expected to take place December 1st.

In the meantime, Provision Family Eyecare in Salisbury is the only clinic in the county that accepts Medicaid and no other commercial insurance provider. Medicaid allows people ages 20 and under to get free eye exams and glasses once a year.

North Dakota

It’s time to apply for LIHEAP! North Dakota Health & Human Services is accepting applications now for this assistance program. Last year, the average payment was $1,409 per household so you don’t want to miss out!


Advocates for Basic Legal Equity Inc, also known as ABLE, has announced a new rural eviction relief program. This program will provide free legal representation to eligible low income Ohioans who live in certain areas.

If you are facing eviction in Allen, Auglaize, Champaign, Clark, Logan, Mercer or Miami County, then you may be able to get help.

Also, the Akron Community Foundation awarded $3.8 million in grants to local organizations that help those in need! Some of the grant money was distributed to these agencies:

  • Akron Rotary Camp for Children with Special Needs received $12,000 to provide financial assistance for special needs children and adults to attend camps.
  • Akron Urban League received $35,000 to help support their education, entrepreneurship and workforce development programs.
  • Big Love Network received $7,5000 for the Akron City Repair project.
  • The Economic and Community Development Institute received $8,500 to support small businesses in Akron with financing, workshops, training and more.
  • Habitat for Humanity of Summit County received $15,000 to support new home construction, the ReStore, and other neighborhood revitalization initiatives.
  • International Welcome Center received $3,000 to support programs that help refugees and immigrants with legal services, life skills, household items and transportation.
  • Jump On Board for Success received $5,750 to support a mentoring and job skills program for low income females between the ages of 13 and 35.
  • Legacies of Success Community Development Court received $5,750 to support affordable homeownership in the North Hill area.
  • South Street Ministries received $20,000 to support reentry programs and other community services.

Don’t miss these upcoming events!


Don’t miss these upcoming deadlines!


Mark your calendar for these upcoming events!

Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) has approved an extra one-month extension of the free bus fare pilot program! It will continue through the end of this month.

South Carolina

Sumter is getting a new food bank and financial literacy center! Services of Hope plans to offer an in-house food pantry, mobile food pantry, and first-time homebuyer class that can help connect buyers with down payment assistance grants. The program opens October 14th!

Progress is being made to convert the former Archer School in Charleston into affordable housing for low income seniors.

South Dakota

The Uplifting Parents Program is accepting applications again! This program provides a monthly stipend to parents who are pursuing college degrees in Rapid City or the surrounding area.

In order to be eligible, you must be graduating with a degree by December 2025.


Joining Hands Health Center providers affordable health care, including dental and nutritionist services. They’ve recently been able to renovate and improve their services thanks to some generous donations.


Over $6.4 million was awarded to 24 organizations in Central Texas to help support veterans and their families!

The grants were distributed to these organizations:

  • Austin Bar Foundation received $130,000 to support pro bono legal services.
  • Austin Habitat for Humanity received $115,000 for home modifications.
  • Austin Travis County Integral Care received $260,000 for homeless veteran support.
  • Bring Everyone In The Zone, Inc. received $150,000 for financial assistance.
  • Burnet County received $75,000 for transportation programs and services.
  • Caritas of Austin received $75,000 for financial assistance.
  • Caritas of Waco received $200,000 for financial assistance.
  • Catholic Charities of Central Texas received $300,000 for financial assistance.
  • Communities In Schools of Greater Central Texas, Inc. received $300,000 for supportive services.
  • Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars Foundation received $500,000 for financial assistance.
  • Easterseals Serving Central Texas received $500,000 for home modifications.
  • Families In Crisis, Inc. received $300,000 for homeless veterans support.
  • Goodwill Central Texas received $150,000 for employment support.
  • Hays County received $100,000 for financial assistance and $300,000 for Veterans Treatment Court.
  • Honor Veterans Now received $500,000 for supportive services.
  • Heart of Texas Behavioral Health Network received $215,000 for clinical counseling.
  • McLennan County received $100,000 for Veterans Treatment Court.
  • Meals on Wheels Central Texas received $500,000 for home modifications.
  • Rebuilding Together Austin received $205,000 for home modifications.
  • Samaritan Center received $500,000 for clinical counseling.
  • Texas National Guard Family Support Foundation received $300,000 for financial assistance.
  • The Salvation Army of Waco/McLennan County received $200,000 for homeless veterans support.
  • Travis County received $50,000 for Veterans Treatment Court.
  • Williamson County received $210,000 for financial assistance and another $210,000 for Veterans Treatment Court.

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The Silos is a new low income project that will be built between 500-600 South and 400-500 West in Salt Lake City. This complex will include 180 units that will be rented to people who earn 60% or less of the Area Median Income.


If your heating system was damaged by the flooding in July, you may be able to get help! The state is trying to connect people to helpful programs, such as the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association and Efficiency Vermont. T


Volunteer Alexandria is looking for low income seniors and homebound residents who will need help with snow and ice removal this winter. You can register on their website.


A new Avista program is helping more Washington residents. The program is called My Energy Discount – Washington. The amount you’ll save depends on your household size and income, but the discount can last for two years!

Governor Inslee is seeking a major disaster declaration for the Gray and Oregon Road Fires that ravaged Spokane County earlier this year.

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West Virginia

West Virginia has decided to issue an automatic supplemental payment to people who received Low Income Energy Assistance Program benefits in the 2023 program year.

If you’ve already received LIEAP benefits this year, you may receive up to $47 toward your utilities or bulk fuel purchases. The payment will be issued to the same utility company that received your original award. If you used LIEAP for bulk fuel, you’ll receive a check by mail.

The payments should arrive by mid-October.


This week, our team found many ways you can get money or help. There are chances to get money back from companies, help for businesses, and even ways to find affordable homes. We looked all over the country and in local places too. Remember, there are chances to get help everywhere. Check out what we found and see if any of it can help you!