Find out how we got $18,000 in FREE home improvements!

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2018)

Would you like to get $18,000 in FREE energy-efficient home improvements? I know I would! When I visited our local Community Action Council for assistance with our crazy $3,000 Budget Billing fiasco, they asked if I would be interested in applying for the Weatherization Program as well. I love free stuff, so of course I said yes… but I had no idea just how helpful this program would be.

It’s amazing, folks. Truly amazing.

And it’s available in all 50 states!


It took a few months for the Weatherization Team to get around to our house, but when they did the work went very quickly. Within three days, they installed over $18,000 in FREE stuff that will help our household save hundreds of dollars in our power bill every year.

Here are some of the freebies we received:

Find out how we got $18,000 in FREE home improvements! 1Find out how we got $18,000 in FREE home improvements! 2The coolest item we received was definitely the heat pump. Since it blows hot and cold air, it has made all the difference in these hot summer months… and I can’t wait to see how well it heats the house this winter!

It’s much more energy-efficient than the in-wall heaters we were using last year! We were assured that this single item will save us hundreds of dollars on our power bill… and it definitely makes our house much more comfortable!

This indoor unit is connected to a large outdoor unit on the back porch.  This thing is absolutely whisper-quiet! I love it.

Find out how we got $18,000 in FREE home improvements! 3

We also received about $1,500 worth of spray-in insulation in our attic! This insulation will also make a huge difference in our power bill because it drastically increases the energy-efficiency of our home.

Find out how we got $18,000 in FREE home improvements! 4For about a year, one of our bedrooms has been unusable because of a broken, boarded-up window we couldn’t afford to replace. I was so thrilled when the Weatherization Team offered to replace this window with a superior, double-pane window. This window is way better than the one we had previously – and it’s obviously way better than the boards we’d covered it with!

Find out how we got $18,000 in FREE home improvements! 5

I didn’t know it at the time, but our attic had some serious issues. Our bathroom fans were not directly connected to the outside of the attic. For some reason, there was a gap between the bathroom fan pipe and the pipe on the outside of the house! Bats and other pests were able to get into our attic through these accesses and they prevented our fans from being very efficient.

Fortunately, the Weatherization Team replaced both bathroom fans and the kitchen fan with more efficient models. They also fixed the pipes so that they extend all the way out, preventing those pests from ever making their way back into our home.

Find out how we got $18,000 in FREE home improvements! 6

Our ceiling has dozens of embedded can lights. Apparently, the models we had were very inefficient because they allowed air to flow through. The Weatherization Team replaced all of our existing can lights with these sealed, energy-efficient models. They look SO much better – and they’ll help us save money ever month!

Find out how we got $18,000 in FREE home improvements! 7

We  also received a fancy carbon monoxide detector. Since we didn’t have a garage, I didn’t realize we even needed one! I’m grateful for this fancy model that they installed near my master suite.

These are just the highlights! The experts at the Community Action Council’s Weatherization Team sealed air leaks, sealed the fireplace chimney, installed two new baseboard heaters in the kids’ bedrooms and did dozens of other things that I didn’t snap photos of.

Just before they left, I asked what these upgrades would have cost us if we’d had to pay for them ourselves. The answer absolutely shocked me!

We received a grand total of


worth of FREE home improvements!

I couldn’t wait to come back here to the blog and tell y’all about this. This program is available in all 50 states! Of course, the eligibility criteria, amount awarded and exact improvements may vary.

Get FREE Home Improvements in YOUR State Here!


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