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Save Money on Your WE Energies Bill!

Save Money on Your WE Energies Bill!

We Energies customers throughout Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula can save money on their We Energies bill! We’ve found ways you can save money, get FREE home improvements and even get help paying your power bill!


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Take advantage of these helpful payment options!

We Energies waives the initial deposit for customers whose income levels are below the federal poverty guidelines! If you do pay a deposit, the amount is refunded after 12 months of on-time payments.

Budget Billing can even out your monthly payments. Instead of paying more in the extreme weather of winter and summer, you’ll pay one consistent amount every month. We Energies simply takes your annual usage and divides into twelve equal payments! Every six months, your account will be reviewed and the payment amount adjusted if necessary.


If you need payment arrangements, you can always call (800) 842-4565 to set up a plan.

Wisconsin residents can login to the online system and request a Personal Payment Plan. This plan divides the past-due amount (between $150 to $400) over the next three months as long as you can pay your current charges now. You can only select this option if your due date is more than 5 days away, so don’t delay!


Choose the best rate plan for your energy use!

Although clients are automatically assigned a standard rate plan, some customers may benefit from switching to the Time of Use rate program.

This program provides lower electricity prices during low-demand hours. However, the energy price is higher when the demand is high! This means you’ll need to adjust your electricity usage so that you do not use major appliances during peak hours.

We Energies is quick to point out that 65% of the hours in a week are off-peak. They even let you choose which on-peak time period you want to avoid. You’ll select an on-peak period of 12 consecutive hours per weekday starting at 7am, 8am, 9am or 10am.

Lower your monthly bills with FREE Weatherization Assistance!

Weatherization services could reduce your monthly heating costs by 20-25 percent! The Michigan state government estimates that customers could save up to $450 every year. Fortunately, there are FREE weatherization programs that can help you!

Michigan residents can apply for the State Weatherization Assistance program. This program provides free home energy improvements to low-income Michigan homeowners and renters. Among other things, the program can provide wall insulation, attic ventilation, foundation insulation, air leakage reduction, smoke detectors, improved dryer venting and more. Contact your local Community Action Agency to apply!

Wisconsin residents can apply for the Wisconsin’s Weatherization Assistance Program. Among other things, this program may provide free insulation, energy efficient lighting, air leakage repairs, furnace repairs, refrigerator replacements and water heater replacements! To qualify, you must meet certain income guidelines and priorities such as a high energy burden, elderly/disabled family member or a child under age 6.


Get help paying your We Energies bills!

The agencies that assist with bills from We Energies vary by state. Please read your state’s section below!


Michigan Residents

Michigan residents can apply for the State Emergency Relief and/or Weatherization Assistance programs.

The Home Heating Credit provides help with your power bills. You may claim the home heating credit if you meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • You occupy a Michigan homestead
  • You own your home or have a rental agreement
  • You qualify based on income
  • You were NOT a full-time student who was claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return
  • You did NOT live in college or university housing for the entire year.
  • You did NOT live in a licensed care facility for the entire year.

Income is calculated in one of two ways. You will use the Standard Credit chart if your income is within these limits, you’re claiming the heating for your Michigan home and you lived in Michigan for any amount of time during the year. You can use the Alternate Credit chart if you’d rather rely on heating costs to compute the amount of the home heating credit.

Click here for more information, including application instructions!

The State Emergency Relief fund provides assistance with electricity costs, heating fuel and some home repairs. To qualify, you must be able to demonstrate an urgent need (such as a past-due bill), proof of income and assets. The program can pay a maximum of $450-$850 toward heating fuel per year, depending on funding. There is a lifetime limit of $4,000 per household for energy-related home repair.


Wisconsin Residents

Wisconsin residents can apply for several helpful programs.

Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund provides supplemental funding for your power bills. To qualify, you must provide proof of income and social security numbers for everyone in your household.

Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) provides assistance with electric costs and energy crisis situations. This program provides a one-time payment during the heating season. The amount depends on the household size, income and energy costs. The contribution is not intended to pay the entire cost of heating the household.

Crisis Assistance is another component of the WHEAP program. This provides urgent assistance if you have no heat, a disconnect notice from your heating vendor or are nearly out of fuel and unable to purchase more.

Furnace assistance is also available through WHEAP if your furnace or boiler stops working during the heating season. This program pays for repairs and may even cover a total replacement if necessary.

You may be able to prevent or delay service disconnection!

Both Wisconsin and Michigan have rules regarding cold weather disconnection. These rules prevent We Energies from disconnecting your power during certain cold weather events.

If you have a medical emergency or protective services emergency, you may be able to postpone your service disconnection by 21 days. You will need to provide a written statement that identifies your condition or situation from a licensed physician, public health authority, social services agency or law enforcement official may be required. The statement should include the length of time during which disconnection would aggravate your circumstances.

If you are a reservist called to active duty, you can seek relief under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. This act prevents We Energies from disconnecting your utilities and entitles you to special payment plans. Provide the company copies of your military orders, a SCRA cover letter and a name of a stateside contact to use these benefits.

Don’t miss out on these other helpful programs from We Energies!

You can get free wood chips from We Energies! Whenever they’re available, they’re free! Bring your own shovels and containers to any of these locations.

We Energies customers can also get rebates on appliances, heating systems and other improvements. The rebates vary depending on whether you reside in Michigan or Wisconsin.


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