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Save Money on Your Arizona Electric Bills!

Save Money on Your Arizona Electric Bills!

Save money on your Arizona electric bill! The electric bill can be a budget-buster when you’re surviving on a low income. Fortunately, your power company can usually help. There are several unknown or little-advertised programs that power companies may offer that can help lower the cost of your power bill.


Most power companies offer a budget billing plan, which averages the annual cost of electricity in a home and bills the customer in 12 even installments. Almost all states offer FREE weatherization assistance and financial aid to low income homeowners and renters!

Just click the link below to find out what discounts, rebates and other money-saving programs are offered by YOUR local utility company!



You could get help paying for your APS bill through the programs the company offers. They also have programs that could help you upgrade your home and make repairs- like weatherization and Mesa CAN. Check out this article to see everything we’ve found on how to save money on APS.

City of Mesa 

With the City of Mesa utilities, you might be able to skip the deposit, get summer help and even upgrade your home for free! We found many resources to help make paying your bill easy and to give you a chance to get caught up on bills. You might even be able to avoid shut-off using the resources we found with your City of Mesa bill! Check this article out to see how you can get help if you have the City of Mesa utilities.



You could lower your SRP bill by using their time of use plan or one of their other rate plans. You could also save money on your bill by taking advantage of weatherization and other options to help make your home more energy efficient. You can see everything we found related to SRP and saving money right here!

Tucson Electric Power (TEP)

By using the PPEP benefit, getting help through Lifeline or using the help of one of the many charity organization, you might be able to pay your Tucson Electric Power bill. The company also offers a variety of rates you can choose from and energy-saving options you can get for free to upgrade your home. TEP customers can click here to see everything we’ve found to help pay your bill.


We found resources to help you pay for your UniSource bill! Whether you use the company’s Warm Spirit program, the LIHEAP benefit or any of the number of resources from charitable organizations, you could get help! We also found ways to lower your bill while making your home as energy efficient as possible. See what we found here!

Didn’t see your power company listed?

Leave me a note in the comments below and I’ll research what benefits your utility company offers!


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Cynthia L Perkins

Saturday 19th of March 2022

Spectrum. I live in a 55+ park in Prescott Arizona and my electric bill has skyrocketed. Mine is not the only one. Supposedly they are using alernative energy sources and they charge more than APS. We are all on fixed incomes in here and its ridiculous.


Thursday 31st of March 2022

Low Income Relief is an information service and does not provide cash or items directly. You will need to search our website for information about organizations that can help you meet those needs. Chat with Lira, she might be able to help!

Danielle Kingsley

Monday 26th of July 2021

Hello my name is Danielle Kingsley I was wondering about a few places that dont specifically state the options for help or for a discounted program for low or no income individuals. 1. Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative 2. Whetstone Water Company 3. (Huachuca City) Liberty water Utility Company 4. NEW!!!....... Emergency Rental And Utility Assistance through Az DES ERAP program 5. BACK TO WORK PROGRAM AND BONUS OF $2,000.00 OR MORE 6. Transworld communi ication Corporation for Home wifi service through sulphur springs valley electric cooperative

Penny L Moses

Monday 24th of May 2021

Thatcher Az 85552. I would love to know what my area offers!! Thanks for all your hard work and research!!

Hannah Benge

Tuesday 25th of May 2021

This is everything we have for Arizona If you are asking for utilities specifically I would need to know the name of the utility company. -Hannah

Cassie Buckner

Sunday 31st of January 2021

What about North little rock electric and other ulitlities and rent

Hannah Benge

Tuesday 9th of March 2021

I've added this to our research list! Thank you-Hannah

Selene adams

Saturday 28th of December 2019

Graham county electric and power co. 8n pima Az.

Riley Thomson

Monday 30th of December 2019

Selene, I just added this to the research list. Thanks. -Riley