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Trying to Pay Your Tallapoosa River Electric Bill? We Found Resources!

Trying to Pay Your Tallapoosa River Electric Bill? We Found Resources!

It can be hard to keep up with your utility bill, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer! We found resources that might be able to help you pay for your Tallapoosa River Electric bill!

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Tallapoosa River Electric customers might be able to get help!

If you’re low-income and struggling with your electric bill, you might be able to get help through LIHEAP. The state-sponsored program could make it easier for you to pay for your Tallapoosa River Electric bill. Depending on your income, household size and other factors, you could qualify for enough to pay for a portion of your electric bill. The amount is usually not enough to cover the full bill, but it could lessen the burden you have. If you have an emergency situation where you’re unable to afford your bill, you might even be able to qualify for emergency LIHEAP.

Alabama’s Salvation Army might be able to help you if you’re low-income and meet their other requirements. The program could offer up to $200 toward your bill to make it easier to pay it. You’ll need to go through an interview through their office and meet all the requirements for help. Even then, help might not be available all the time. You can only use this option once per year.

The Red Cross Project Share could help you by providing you with a one-time payment to keep your electric on. You will need to have a shut-off notice and meet their income requirements to get this help. They might also have other requirements for help through the Project Share program. Funding is not always available and may vary since it is based on donations.

Community Action Alabama might be able to help you if you need help paying your bill. They could provide you with a one-time payment as well as with other resources that could make paying your bill easier. The program might also be able to help you find resources to permanently lower your bills or to find ways to improve your financial situation.

We found payment options with your company!

Tallapoosa River Electric might be able to help with payment extensions. They have a variety of programs that might be able to help you and could make it easier for you to extend your payment. You will need to be in good standing, provide information on when you plan to pay the bill back, and in some cases provide payment information for an automatic payment on the account.

If you know you’re going to be unable to make a payment or make a full payment, you might be able to make payment arrangements with the electric company. If you meet the company’s requirements for arrangements and you qualify for help, you will need to provide information on how you’re going to pay it back. The company might be more willing to accept arrangements from people who have a good history with the company and who make the arrangements before their bill is due.

Save money by upgrading to make your home more energy efficient!

Is your house energy efficient? You might be paying too much money for your electric bill if your house is not efficient or if you don’t have the right type of appliances in the house. You could be losing hundreds of dollars per year! It can be costly to make these repairs and many low-income families find they’re unable to afford them so they just continue paying very high electric bills. The Alabama weatherization assistance program might be able to help you with your efficiency repairs to lower your Tallapoosa River Electric bill. They provide help to people who qualify with things like upgraded insulation, flooring and other factors. They might even be able to help you make your home better with energy efficient appliances. You’ll be required to meet income and other requirements.

Check out other benefits of being a Tallapoosa River Electric customer.

Tallapoosa River Electric is a part of Touchstone Energy and that’s means you get the benefits that come along with this co-op company! You can get discounts, access to free things and so much more. Touchstone offers a discount card you can use many places including for groceries, entertainment and even prescriptions.

Tallapoosa REC provides scholarships to people who are in their service area and interested in the energy industry. You could get up to an $11,000 scholarship depending on your need and merit. The program has requirements you’ll need to meet to qualify for the scholarship!

Start saving on your bill right now!

There are so many little steps you can take to lower your energy bill. Many of these steps involve very little work and don’t cost a cent! Check here for our free and low-cost tips to lower your energy usage.

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