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Got Madison Gas and Electric? Get Help Paying for Your MGE Bill!

Got Madison Gas and Electric? Get Help Paying for Your MGE Bill!

We found help for Madison Gas and Electric customers! You might be able to qualify for programs that could help you pay for your MGE bill!

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MGE customers could get help paying their bill.

Depending on your income and other factors, you might be able to qualify for LIHEAP to help you pay your MGE bill. The state benefit might be able to cover a portion of your Madison Gas and Electric to lower the overall amount you’re required to pay. The LIHEAP benefit is only available to people who are low-income and meet the state’s other requirements for the program.

If you’ve received a shut-off notice for your electric, you might be able to get help through the Salvation Army. While they are unable to provide everyone with help, they might be able to offer resources for people who are low-income and struggling with their electric bills. The amount you could qualify for depends on the available funds from Salvation Army as well as your needs.

The Focus on Energy program could help if you’re unable to pay your bill. Focus on Energy might be able to help in two different ways. First, they have options available that could help you pay for your bill. If they’re unable to help you with your bill directly, they could provide assistance by offering resources to connect you with energy assistance.

Madison Gas and Electric could help you with payment options.

The MGE Budget Billing Program might be an option for you if you have high spikes in your electricity bills during the cold winter months. Using the budget billing program, you could average out the amount you pay each month. The company will take into account the amount you’ve paid through the past year. They’ll then average that amount and charge that as a monthly payment. You will be responsible for any amount over the average that you use. The program has requirements you must meet to qualify.

If you’re a low-income customer, you might be able to qualify for the low-income rates through the electric company. These rates could help you save money and could lower the overall amount you have to pay for electricity.

If you know you’re going to be unable to make a payment, you might be able to use the deferred payment program. Not everyone will qualify for help through the deferred payment plan. You will need to meet the program requirements and make sure the company knows in advance that you need to defer your payment.

Get free upgrades to lower your bill!

Wisconsin Weatherization is a program that could help you make your home more energy efficient. You could use the program to get things like upgraded insulation and more so you can start saving money on your bills. The program has income and other requirements you must meet. If you qualify, a certified contractor will do the necessary repairs.

MGE offers an appliance recycling program. You could use this to get rid of old appliances without worrying about paying for a dump fee. They do it all for free and might be able to help you get discounts on new appliances for upgrading your old ones.

Being an MGE customer might also come with other benefits!

MGE plays a big role in the community. They have outreach programs that might be able to help people who are low-income and can help kids learn more about different energy opportunities. The company has a lot of information related to energy and they might be able to help you figure out the best way to handle your energy issues!

Save money on your bills by making small changes.

You can take steps to make your electric bill even lower. We found ways you can lower your bill while making your home more energy efficient. Check out the free and low-cost tips we’ve found for lowering the amount of energy you use.

We found free help for Wisconsin Residents!