Got Maine food stamps? Get freebies!

If you’re receiving Maine food stamps, you could qualify for other helpful programs as well (including free Internet service)! Check out our list of benefits for Maine food stamps recipients below.

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Unfortunately, there are no Museums for All partners or other discounted museums in Maine yet. 🙁 In lieu of these museums, we’ve listed some affordable museums below.


Maine State Museum – $2 per adult, $1 per child (max. $6 charge per family)

Discover the Maine State Museum’s exhibits by clicking here! Although not an EBT-specific discount, the admission for Maine State Museum is less than many Museums for All partners.


Old German Meetinghouse – FREE

Built in 1772, this meetinghouse has been well-preserved and is free to the public. It is open all week during the summer and on fall weekends.


Colby Museum of Art – FREE

The Colby Museum has an extensive and diverse collection of contemporary and American art. There are more than 8,000 pieces in the collection. There are also rotating exhibitions. This museum is free for everyone, not just EBT cardholders.


You can also get great discounts on museum admission through local library pass programs! For example, the Auburn Public Library has passes for Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine ($4.50 per person), Maine Wildlife Park ($3 per person) and more! The South Portland Library has free passes for the Portland Museum of Art. Find out what your local library offers today!


Did you know your Maine food stamps card could be used here?!

Several of our visitors have pointed out that Maine EBT cards have even more uses, too! Check out these interesting statewide benefits.

  • Discount food markets
  • Farmer’s Markets can also accept EBT cards. Maine Harvest Bucks help your dollars stretch further
  • Organic delivery services run by community-supported agriculture programs may also accept EBT.
  • Costco also accepts EBT benefits.

Got Maine EBT?
You might qualify for these, too!

You can also use your Maine food stamps
benefits to buy these items:

  • Seeds! EBT cards can buy fruit trees and vegetable seeds for gardening.
  • Hot deli food that has been packaged and placed in the refrigerated section for easy reheating..
  • Energy Drinks! If the drink has a nutrition facts label, it’s considered a food item. Drinks with a “supplement facts” label are not eligible because the FDA considers them supplements, not food.
  • Live lobsters and other shellfish that you will eat.
  • Pumpkins that are edible and not just ornamental.
  • Birthday and other specially decorated cakes as long as the non-edible decorations do not exceed 50% of the purchase price of the cake.
  • Gift baskets! Your EBT benefits can even help you purchase gifts for holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas (including pre-filled holiday stockings and tins) as long as the food value exceeds the non-food value. For example, the federal SNAP website indicates that a stuffed holiday bear holding a small box of chocolate would NOT be eligible because the value of the bear exceeds the value of the food. However, a gift basket with snack foods or candy and a small toy would be eligible because the food clearly accounts for more than 50% of the purchase price.

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