Save Money on Your Bill from Pacific Power (Oregon)

(Last Updated On: May 12, 2017)

Pacific Power offers many ‘Wattsmart’ incentive programs that vary by state. In Oregon State, these programs include rebates and more.

  • Order a free EnergyTrust Energy Saver Kit and start saving money in just 4-6 weeks! You’ll receive Energy Star LED lights, high performance showerheads, faucet aerators and more!
  • Get a free Home Energy Review and see how your home ranks in energy consumption. You’ll also receive tailored energy-saving recommendations that can help you save money every month!

There are many different programs and agencies that can help you pay your Puget Power bill. These include:

You may also be able to receive FREE assistance with weatherization. This improves the energy-efficiency of your home by providing insulation, furnace repair, heating duct improvements, air stripping and other minor energy-related repairs.

You can apply for FREE weatherization assistance through the Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program. Low income seniors and people with disabilities can also apply for the Community Energy Project, which may offer additional services.

Rebates are also available for heating and cooling, appliances, weatherization, windows, low-cost light bulbs and light fixtures,  water heaters, advanced power strips, and new home construction.

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