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We Found Help for Your SCE&G Bill!

We Found Help for Your SCE&G Bill!

Getting behind on your SCE&G bill or having a bill that’s too high to pay doesn’t have to be the end of the world. We found ways to help you pay your bill and avoid shut-off!


Need help paying your SCE&G bill? We found help!

You might qualify for LIHEAP if you’re low-income and struggle to pay your electric bill. The benefit works by providing you with a payment on your electric account each month. The payment will probably not cover the entire amount of your bill, but it could pay for a portion of it. You must apply for the program through your community action agency.

The Project Share program helps SCE&G customers like you get help from funding that was made available by other customers. You may only be able to get assistance when funding is available. You can apply for the program through SCE&G and learn more about it from the company.


If you’re struggling to pay your bill, the Salvation Army might be able to help you with a one-time payment. You do not need to have a shut-off notice to qualify for it, but you may be required to meet other things. You can apply through the Salvation Army.

Avoid shut-off with helpful resources.

Even though SCE&G doesn’t offer an official policy on arrangements or extensions, you might be able to contact them to find out if you’re eligible for one. They don’t use official guidelines for the arrangements or extensions but might look at each case individually. Contacting them early might allow you to get an extension.


If you have medical equipment that relies on electric, you might qualify for White Cross. The program protects you from shut-off and gives you priority when there’s an outage. The program also notifies you first when there’s a scheduled outage so you can make arrangements for your medical equipment.

SCE&G offers helpful payment options.

SCE&G has different rate plans that you can choose from. The company will let you know which one is best for your situation, but that could help you make a better choice for your rate plan. Many people choose the Time of Use plan because it allows you to save money just for using electric during off-peak hours.

Budget billing won’t save you any money, but it could help you avoid huge bills during times where you might be using a lot of energy. It’s a good idea to sign up for budget billing if you want your bill to be the same or close to the same from month-to-month.

You can upgrade your home for free and save money.

The weatherization program in South Carolina can help you save money on your home heating and cooling costs. It allows you to upgrade your appliances and your insulation to be more energy efficient. The program is free for low-income families who qualify.

SCE&G offers a free home energy checkup for their customers. The company will send a contractor to your home to determine where you can save money on your energy and what you need to do to make your home more energy efficient. By doing this, the company can help you see what you need to do to lower your bills and make your energy usage better.

Do you have an old fridge or freezer laying around? It could be making you money! SCE&G will pick up certain refrigerators and freezers and give you $50 for them! You’ll get the money in check form within a few weeks of the company picking your fridge up!

Find out how to save more!

You can take a few simple steps to save money on your SCE&G bill. Use our favorite tips to start saving now!


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