Save on South Dakota State Parks!

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Save money on nearly 60 South Dakota State Parks! Although South Dakota has fewer discounted pass options than most other states, certain disabled veterans and nonprofit youth groups can still save some cash on their visits to South Dakota State Parks.

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A daily park license can cost $4 per person or $6 per vehicle (except at Custer State Park, which is $20 per vehicle). For an annual South Dakota State Parks pass are currently $30 for the first license and $15 for the second license. For a transferable license, expect to pay $65.

Certain disabled veterans can visit South Dakota State Parks FREE!

To qualify for a FREE South Dakota State Parks pass, veterans must be South Dakota Residents who meet ONE of the following requirements:

  • The veteran has a total 100% service-connected disability rating
  • The veteran receives a K Award from the VA. This award is part of the special monthly compensation (SCM) rate table.
  • The veteran was held as a prisoner of war.

In addition to free admission to South Dakota State Parks, the veteran will also receive a 50% discount on any camping fees or associated electrical service fees for their campsite. They will also be exempt from the $2 call center reservation fee. However, the 50% discount cannot be applied to state park lodges.

Nonprofit youth groups can also qualify for discounts.

Unlike other states that offer discounts for seniors or other groups, the only other discount South Dakota offers is for nonprofit youth groups. Youth groups are defined as an organized group of minors (under age 18) that are accompanied by a smaller group of adult leaders who are not supervising their own children.

Any youth group that is sponsored by a nonprofit organization can receive free admission to the park and pay just $0.50 per person (or $6 per night, whichever is greater) for camping.

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