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Homeless services include shelters, hygiene services, mailing services and more! If you’re homeless, then you need to know about these critical resources that are available to you.

What homeless services are available?

It really depends on where you’re located! In our area, we have several ministries and government programs that assist the homeless. We are doing our best to find resources in all 50 states.

What if I can’t find homeless services near me in this list?

The first step to find homeless services near you is reach out to the United Way 211 Resource Directory. You can do this by either calling 211 or visiting your local United Way website. The United Way has a great resource directory that spans most of the United States!

You can also let me know if there’s information you would like to see on this website. While I am always happy to add to our research list,  we do not currently have the resources to respond to your requests as quickly as your local United Way, Salvation Army and Community Action Council can.

As always, thanks so much for visiting LowIncomeRelief.com!

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