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Whether you’re looking for financial help for military families or a military discount, you’ve come to the right place. We’re always finding new ways for military members to save money and get free stuff!

We understand the challenges of raising a family on a limited military budget because we’ve experienced it ourselves. Our founder, Nicole, brings a personal perspective as a former military spouse. Her journey, particularly after her husband’s medical discharge, has given her in-depth experience with the VA system, ensuring we offer insights that truly resonate. Moreover, our team includes veterans, individuals who grew up in military families, and social workers with firsthand experience in assisting service members. This diverse background equips us with a unique blend of perspectives and expertise, enhancing our ability to provide meaningful support and resources.

We’ve found a ton of ways that military individuals and families can get financial help with their unique needs. From exclusive discounts and freebies to grants and scholarships, we provide comprehensive information to support families managing on a military budget. Our resources include:

  • American Legion Assistance: Get help with auto repair, scholarship opportunities, comfort for wounded veterans, VA benefits, and more, including aid for minor children of active-duty military members.
  • Entertainment Benefits: Enjoy free summer admission to over 2,000 museums nationwide through Blue Star Museums.
  • Shopping & Services Savings: Access military discounts from various cell service providers like Verizon and T-Mobile, along with a wide range of retailers and restaurants across the United States.
  • Travel & Vacation Deals: Discover affordable travel options, including potentially free or discounted flights and exclusive Disney ticket prices for active duty, retired military, and 100% disabled veterans through MWR.
  • This archive is your gateway to saving money and accessing valuable resources and free stuff tailored for military families. We diligently fact-check and update our information. If you come across any errors or know of any programs we might have missed, please let us know. Your feedback helps us serve you better.

    Thank you for your service and dedication!