T-Mobile Military Discount: Everything You Need to Know

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

T-Mobile military discount deals are available to active duty military and honorably discharged US veterans. These deals can help you save serious cash on your monthly T-Mobile deal and even on the purchase of a new phone!

T-Mobile Military Discount = 50% off family plans!

The T-Mobile One Military plan offers 50% off additional family lines (2-6). This plan includes unlimited talk, text and data, free mobile hotspot data, unlimited entertainment streaming, free Netflix and other benefits!

It is important to remember that unlimited streaming doesn’t necessarily mean unlimited full-speed streaming. If you exceed 50 GB of data consumption, you may experience some throttling.

You will need to verify your military verification within 45 days of signing up for this service or your plan will revert to the standard T-Mobile ONE plan. This will cost up to $20 per line more than the military price!

Who qualifies for a T-Mobile military discount?

The T-Mobile ONE Military price is exclusively for active-duty military, veterans, National Guard, Reserve and Gold Star family members.

This program is also available for small businesses that are owned by veterans. If you have a T-Mobile for Business account, you are eligible to apply this discount on up to 12 lines.

Government accounts, Prepaid customers, and No Credit Check plans are not eligible for this discount.

How do I get a T-Mobile military discount?

Getting a T-Mobile military discount is easy! Just call 1-800-T-MOBILE or visit a T-Mobile retail store. You will need to designate the eligible person (military servicemember, veteran, etc.) as the primary account holder.

Validation typically happens quickly and takes less than 10 minutes. You will have 45 days from the day of activation to verify your eligible status. You can verify your eligibility with any document that includes your first name, last name, valid dates and status as an active service member or honorably discharged veteran.

Can I get a T-Mobile military discount AND Carrier Freedom?

Yes! The T-Mobile website clearly indicates that you can still be reimbursed up to $650 for debts to your old carrier.

Ready? Sign up for your T-Mobile military discount here!


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