WIC Archive

WIC benefits can help you qualify for other benefits, too! If you’re currently participating, the articles in this archive can help you find other benefits you may be eligible for.

What is WIC?

The WIC program stands for “Women, Infants and Children.” This program provides food vouchers to pregnant women and children under the age of five. The program provides vouchers that can be redeemed at grocery stores. Each voucher is for a specific item. Products such as fruits, vegetables and milk are covered.

Specifically, the program is provided to ensure that very young children receive proper nutrition during their first critical years of development. Without this program, many children would be food-insecure or struggle with malnutrition issues.

What else can I receive if I participate in WIC?

Families that participate in this program may also be able to enjoy free museum admission, various discounts and other perks. These programs vary by area and venue, but we’re doing our best to find all of them across the United States!

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