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(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Are you an Avista customer? At Nick’s request, we spent some time researching Avista services to see how we can save our Spokane area readers more money on their electric bill. Check out our list below and let us know how you save money on your Avista bill!

Get emergency help when you need it.

Avista CARES

If you are elderly, disabled or facing an unexpected hardship like an illness or unemployment, you can contact Avista CARES at (800) 227-9187. Representatives at this number are trained to provide assistance in understanding bills, payment options, budgeting advice and referrals to helpful community agencies.


Community Action Agencies

Through its local community action agency partners, Avista provides qualifying low-income customers with weatherization assistance, heating system improvements and even financial grants to help cover some of your payments.

Although financial assistance is nice, I always recommend following up with weatherization programs as well. Improving the energy efficiency of your residence can save you a bundle each and every month!

Rearrange your bill to fit your monthly money.

You may be able to align your payment due date with your payday. This can make payments much easier to make! Just call (800) 227-9187 to learn more.

While you’re speaking to a rep, ask about Comfort Level Billing. This program prevents seasonally high bills by dividing the amount of power you use over an entire year into twelve equal payments. The amount of the payment may fluctuate if Avista notices severe increases or decreases in your energy use throughout the year. To qualify, your account must be in good standing and have 12 months of usage history.

Of course, payment arrangements are also available. You can even set up an arrangement online by clicking here. 

And, if you’re looking at moving into a new place, Avista will help you estimate the monthly electric charges!

Improve your energy efficiency.

Check out a Kill-a-Watt meter from your local library.

Local libraries offer Kill-a-Watt meter kit for check out, courtesy of a partnership with Avista Utilities. The kit includes the meter, instructions for use and energy efficiency tips. It also includes information to help you understand the information you glean from the meter.

Simply plug your devices into the meter to calculate the power consumption by kilowatt-hour. It’s simple and easy – and you can check one out for free at the Spokane Public Library, Spokane County Library District, Idaho Commission for Libraries or Neill Public Library (in Pullman).

Analyze your bill.

Avista offers a helpful online tool that will help you identify any changes in your energy usage. It identifies possible changes in the weather, billing days, and use per day.

Online Energy Advisor

Get a free energy analysis that compares your home against others of similar size. The system will over you customized energy efficiency tips to help you save money!

Get money back!

Avista offers rebates to customers in Washington, Oregon or Idaho. Visit this website and select your state for more information!

Try some DIY home weatherization.

Avista offers video tutorials to help you complete your own home weatherization projects. They’ll show you how to add door sweeps, caulking, seals, window plastic and change showerheads. Check out their video series at this link.

Change your furnace filter.

Avista partners with a vendor to deliver furnace filters right to your door! Check out this helpful program and get your first filter free. 

Senior Workshops

If you’re a senior and an Avista customer in Idaho or Washington, you can attend an educational workshop. These are held often at senior meal sites, senior centers and other non-profit organizations. You will receive a conservation kit that includes weatherization supplies, energy saving ideas and more just for attending!

The workshops are held between September and March every year. Just call (509) 495-8729 or (509) 495-8024 to find the one nearest you.

Get free stuff!

In the fall, Avista hosts Energy Fairs at community centers throughout the service area. These fairs give you the opportunity to see, test and take home samples of energy-efficiency tools and connect with valuable community resources that can help you. There are free food, beverages and prizes! Check it out here.

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