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Students of any age can receive some pretty incredible student discounts! We’ve found programs that will help you get free computers and so much more!

If you’re working hard in college, then you’ll appreciate Amelia’s insight into everything college-related. She’s a college student herself and has learned some incredible tips, including how to make money just by going to school! She’s also written up a helpful list of low income scholarships that can help you fund your education with little to no debt! We’ve also got a helpful list of discounts exclusively for college students.

Even K-12 students can get freebies! School supplies and clothing for a K-12 student often cost $400 per student or more. We’ve found organizations that will give you these items free! Just visit this landing page and then select your area for more information.

If you’re looking for student discounts, then this archive will have them all. If you know of anything we’ve missed or you have a tip for us, please leave a comment somewhere on the site!

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Disabled? Get total student loan forgiveness!

Disabled borrowers can receive total student loan forgiveness! If you’re trying to survive on disability benefits, student loans can be very challenging. Fortunately, borrowers who meet certain disability criteria …