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After rent, utilities are often the largest expense in a low income family’s budget. These services include electricity, water, natural gas and sewer charges. These are obviously necessary for the functioning of an American household but they can be crazy expensive!

Believe me, I know. In 2017, my family faced a $3,000 bill from PSE! Afterward, the company said it was “the worst case of budget billing mismanagement they’d ever seen.”

I started this series because I know it’s not uncommon for low income families to be blindsided by high bills from their utilities.

Need help paying for your utilities?

The articles in this archive are all designed to help you save money on your expensive monthly utilities. Here, you’ll find advice about how to get free products, free weatherization services, free money to pay your utility bills and so much more.

If you can’t find your company in our list, please let me know so I can add it to our research list! Our goal is to make this the most comprehensive list of utility assistance programs in the US!