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You can get low income discounts on everything from Amazon Prime memberships to zoo admission! These deals are better than coupons or promo codes. Once you prove your low income status, they’re automatic!

How are these discounts funded?

Angry taxpayers always ask us this question. The answer is a little complicated because these programs are all so different.

Corporations, like Amazon, offer discounts to low income customers at no cost to anyone else. It’s not a loss for them, because low income people don’t typically sign up for their services anyway. The discount is actually more money in their pocket, not less.

Donations to nonprofit organizations are tax-deductible. Wealthy donors often make donations to institutions like zoos and museums, which help fund the discounts they offer.

Of course, some programs may be funded by grants and various government programs. That is certainly not true of all of our programs, though!

Whether you’re looking for a deal on Internet, cable, Amazon Prime, movie tickets or museum admission, we’ve found tons of information for you! It’s all here in this archive.

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