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Save Money on PA State Parks!

Over 200,000 is yours for the exploring at PA State Parks! You can enjoy hiking, pickicking, camping, fishing, hunting, boating, wildlife watching and so much more for FREE because PA State Parks don’t charge an admission fee!

Save money on parks in another state!

Even though admission is free, there are other amenities like camping that can cost you… but we’ve found ways that you can save money on those things, too!

Seniors and disabled adults save money and get perks at PA State Parks!

If you’re a senior citizen or disabled adult, you can save $4.50 per day on camping! If you want to stay a week, you can save $27.00 off the weekly rate.

If you’re disabled and ¬†need to use a mobility device in an area where motorized transportation is typically prohibited, you can fill out this permit application.¬†

Save MORE money in PA! Check this out!


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