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Library lovers, rejoice! Your card can do so much more than just check out books. Nowadays, libraries all over the United States offer free museum passes, free movie streaming services, free subscription services, free events, free Makerspaces and so much more!

We’re investigating every library in the entire United States. We’ve found some amazing things! In Sacramento, you can check-out everything from drum sets to Go-Pro Cameras. You can even book free appointments in a professional recording studio in Tampa! In many areas, you can even check-out a free Wi-Fi hotspot to take home!

What benefits do I get with my local library card?

This series is written entirely by request. That means we don’t investigate a specific branch or system until we’re asked to. We maintain an active request list that we’re constantly working on.

If you can’t find your library in the list below, leave a comment somewhere on the site and let me know! I’ll add it to the research list and see what we can find for you.

Is there any easier way to find my local library?

Yes, there is! If you would like a simpler way to browse our library articles, then just click here and select your state from the alphabetical list. 

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