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Free college resources can make the starving college student stereotype a thing of the past! From free food to cash in your pocket, we’ve found some incredible programs for students!

What free college help can I get?

That’s a great question! We’ve found apps that will pay you just for sitting in class. We’ve also found tons of student discounts. Perhaps the best free college help you can get are these scholarships, because Amelia will show you exactly how these scholarships can put money in YOUR pocket! She makes more money this way than she would by working her way through college!

Can’t find what you’re looking for in this archive? Know a hot tip about free college programs we haven’t covered yet? Let us know by leaving a comment somewhere on this website. We’re always happy to investigate new programs! We also add several new articles each week, so be sure to check back often for updates!

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Disabled? Get total student loan forgiveness!

Disabled borrowers can receive total student loan forgiveness! If you’re trying to survive on disability benefits, student loans can be very challenging. Fortunately, borrowers who meet certain disability criteria …