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Free school supplies are so important for low income families! With supply costs soaring up to $400 per student, the back-to-school burden on a low income family’s budget can be immense and unrealistic.

We are dedicated to finding free school supplies resources in every area of the United States. We are tackling the entire country, county-by-county, so that we can find the most savings in your area!

How can I get free school supplies?

You can usually get free school supplies in a few different ways. They may be distributed by school districts or community organizations. They may be given away at large events or only provided to families who already participate in certain programs. It really varies by area, and that’s why we spend so much time researching these programs in depth.

If you don’t find your area in the list below (or in this article), please let us know in a comment so we can add your county to our research list.

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