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Medicaid benefits may qualify you for additional benefits! If you receive Medicaid, you may also qualify for discounted museum passes, discounted State Parks admission and so much more!

We’re constantly on the prowl for new ways to save our readers money. In the course of our searches, we’ve encountered many exclusive savings programs for people who currently receive Medicaid benefits!

What are Medicaid benefits?

Medicaid is the US Government’s low income health insurance program. It provides free health care coverage for low income adults, pregnant women and children. Although the details vary, this program is available in all 50 states.

Wondering how to apply for Medicaid?

You can apply for Medicaid with your local state agency. Usually, it’s the same agency that also administers food stamps. That means you can find most of the application instructions here!

What extra things can I receive if I get Medicaid benefits?

The answer to that is in this archive, so please look around and see what’s available in your area.

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