Did you know your Colorado EBT Card could do this?

Did you know you can use your Colorado EBT card to get discounted admission at the Children’s Museum of Denver? You can also use it to get food deliveries from Schwans or purchase gift baskets on holidays.

Updated 5/8/2017


Children’s Museum of Denver – $1 (per person, up to 10 people)

Explore all of the amazing adventures available at the Children’s Museum of Denver for just $1 per person! Up to 10 family members can be admitted at this discounted price.

The museum is located at 2121 Children’s Museum Drive in Denver. Free parking is available.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science – $1 (per person, up to 10 people)

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is a fascinating place for visitors of all ages! The museum features exhibits that invite you to explore space, prehistory, wildlife, gems, health and so much more. A Discovery Zone on the second floor invites children under the age of 5 years to excavate fossils, observe water in action and engage in other fun hands-on activities.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science is a new Museums for All partner. Their new EBT rates go into effect on May 29, 2017.

denver museum of nature and science ebt museums for all


WOW! Children’s Museum – $10 per family PER YEAR!

WOW! is right! This children’s museum in Lafayette, Colorado, is generously offering $10 Play for All memberships to families who receive any form of public assistance, including WIC, free/reduced school lunches, Section 8, TANF, Medicaid or food stamps.

Did you know that your EBT card can be used to make these purchases?

Did you know you could use your EBT benefits for purchases from these sellers?

  • Organic delivery services run by community-supported agriculture programs may also accept EBT.
  • Farmer’s Markets can accept EBT – and some will even double your money so you can get $20 worth of produce for $10!
  • Papa Murphy’s
  • Schwan’s Trucks also accept EBT benefits. Order online, by phone or on the app. Please note that food stamps benefits will not cover the delivery charge. Make sure you can pay the delivery charge before you order! If you can’t pay the delivery charge, you will not be allowed to keep your order.
  • Starbucks locations inside grocery stores

In addition to your usual groceries, EBT benefits can also be used to purchase:

  • Seeds and fruit trees! EBT cards can buy fruit trees and vegetable seeds for gardening.
  • Hot deli food that has been packaged and placed in the refrigerated section for easy reheating.
  • Energy drinks that have a nutrition facts label are considered food. A “supplemental facts” label indicates that the FDA considers the item a supplement instead of a food.
  • Live lobsters
  • Pumpkins that you can eat.
  • Birthday and other special cakes as long as the decorations do not exceed 50% of the purchase price of the cake.
  • Gift baskets (including pre-filled holiday stockings and tins) can be purchased with EBT benefits as long as the food value exceeds the non-food value. For more information visit the federal SNAP website.

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