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10 Common Entry-Level Jobs for US Immigrants

10 Common Entry-Level Jobs for US Immigrants

Many immigrants move to the United States to pursue better job opportunities. Once you have put in a little work to become established in a company you may be able to apply for a green card as a skilled worker. There are several entry-level jobs that employ a high percentage of immigrants in this country. Here are some of the easiest fields to get into.

Customer Service

Many companies are always searching for bilingual applicants who can assist in better serving a broader range of customers. If you speak more than one language you will automatically have a lead over other applicants.

Manual Labor Jobs

Jobs in this field are typically very easy to come by. Most companies who specialize in manual labor are independently owned and have a simple hiring process. Some manual labor positions that are frequently filled by immigrants include:

  • Construction Worker
  • Stone Mason
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Painter

Agricultural Workers

Agricultural positions are widely available to immigrants across the country. There are dozens of options within this industry for those who enjoy nature, working with animals or tending gardens. Consider a job in one of these positions:

  • Ranch/Farm Management
  • Groundskeeping
  • Landscaping
  • Greenhouse Management

Tailors, Dressmakers and Seamstresses

If all of your cousins and siblings come to you to hem a dress and mend a tear in their shirt, then a job as a seamstress or dressmaker could be perfect for you!


Working as a housekeeper or front desk associate in the hospitality industry often comes with perks and benefits, like discounted hotel stays. Alternatively, you could receive free room and board if you work as a maid for a client.


If you hold a valid driver’s license are able to obtain one once moving to the states you could apply to work at a taxi company or work as an independent chauffeur.

Personal Care and Appearance Workers

While many careers in this industry require an associate’s degree, several companies have positions that can be filled as you are pursuing a degree. Inquire about job openings at salons and massage parlors.

Security Guards

Security guard positions may be a bit harder to come by unless you have experience with this type of work. If you’re a natural born protector, then this is an ideal position for you.

Food and Beverage Industry

This is an industry in which you can advance from one position to the next. Even if you get hired on as a hostess or dishwasher, you may find yourself being promoted to a management position or operating as the lead cook once you’ve shown off your skills!


Assembly lines employ a very large number of people and are constantly looking for hard-working employees to add to their team. If you like sticking to a routine, then this type of job would be perfect!