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(Last Updated On: December 31, 2018)

Yesterday, Maria contacted us looking for free or cheap veterinary care for low income clients (such as vet vouchers and low income veterinary referrals) in the Sacramento area. As you can see from the comment below, she’s very worried about her beloved chihuahua! If you’re in a similar situation in the Sacramento area, please check out our response below!

My name is Maria, I have a six year old female chihuahua that looks like she is hurting around her back behind area. not sure if dislocated or just irritated from trying to jump on bed, sometime not making it falling on the rug from time to time? She normally is spunky however she is under the bed. When I try to carry her she starts crying in pain. Not neutered and need basic shots.Never been pregnant, inside pet. I am low income to no income. I am looking for low income, free, voucher assistance, referral veterinary care of any kind anywhere in the Sacramento or 300 milers outside of Sacramento areas in California. If you can please assist in this matter I would be grateful.

Concern and worried Owner,

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Hello, Maria! Thanks for visiting We’re happy to help – and we’re glad you’re here. I’m not a vet and I have limited experience with pets, so I have no idea what could be wrong with your sweet little puppy… but I’ll do my best to find someone who can help. I’ve broken our list down into three categories: Nationwide, California and Sacramento Area.

Nationwide Free and Low-Cost Veterinary Care

We have a list of nationwide organizations that provide free and low-cost veterinary care nationwide on this post.

Free and Low Cost Veterinary Care in California

Starfleet Canine Aid Foundation (SCAF)

California dogs who require medical treatment for an unforeseen illness or injury may be eligible to receive funds from SCAF. A diagnosis and good prognosis for survival are required.

Please note that SCAF will not help pay for the initial veterinary visit that provides the diagnosis. It only assists with treatment.  You will need an itemized bill from a veterinarian.

Candidates can receive assistance from SCAF every 6 months. 

Free and Low Cost Veterinary Care in the Sacramento Area

Acme Foundation (Lake County only)

Senior citizens and disabled owners of seriously ill cats and dogs can apply for assistance through the Acme Foundation. The funds will only be disbursed to Clearlake Veterinary Clinic, so treatment must be received there. To qualify, pets must be diagnosed as seriously ill, have a good prognosis of survival and belong to a low-income senior citizen or disabled owner.

Chester Foundation (Greater Sacramento Area)

The Chester Foundation provides funds directly to the veterinary hospital to cover the costs of emergency, life-threatening treatments. The funds cover the necessary materials and labor costs. Partner hospitals also offer discounts, helping owners even further.

To qualify, owners must be low income and reside in one of the following counties: Amador, Butte, Calaveras, El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba. Click here for the application.

Placer SPCA

Low income Placer County pet owners can receive assistance through Placer SPCA. They offer up to $500 to help with rental pet deposits and veterinary treatment!

In order to receive help, you will need to prove that you have a history of responsible pet ownership. Funds are not available for chronic conditions, cosmetic procedures, or for animals with a history of behavior or temperament problems. A good prognosis of recovery is required and pets must be spayed/neutered at time of treatment.

Click here for details. 

VCA Hospital 

Fill out this form to receive a free exam at a neighborhood VCA animal hospital!

Spay/Neuter & Vaccinations in the Sacramento Area

ASN Non-Profit Clinic

Contact ASN at (916) 368-7314 to schedule a low or no-cost appointment. They have locations in Sacramento and Auburn!

City of Sacramento Front Street Shelter (Sacramento CITY only)

A FREE vaccination clinic is available to pets of low-income Sacramento residents. Microchips are also available for just $10 per pet (cash only).

To qualify, owners must provide proof of residency within the city of Sacramento and proof of low-income status.

The clinic is available between 10 amd and 1pm on the third Sunday of each month.

SacCity Pets (Sacramento CITY only)

If you’re a low income pet owner in Sacramento City, you can have your pets spayed, neutered and/or vaccinated at a very low cost. For boundaries and financial limits, check their website.

Sacramento Area Animal Coalition

SAAC offers vet vouchers so that low income pet owners can afford spay and neuter surgeries. With the voucher, the surgery is just $10 per cat or $15 per dog!

1/31/2017 – The vouchers are currently limited to West Sacramento dogs whose owners earn receive public assistance OR earn less than $35k per year.


Get free or low-cost spay/neuter surgery from SSPCA! If you have a pit bull or pit bull mix, the procedure is entirely covered. Otherwise, see their low-cost fee schedule by clicking here.



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