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Fake Facebook Account Alert: Avoid This Scam!!!

Fake Facebook Account Alert: Avoid This Scam!!!

Fake Facebook Account Alert! It has been brought to my attention that scammers are creating fake look-alike profiles to target our readers.  Here’s everything you need to know in order to protect yourself from these scammers.

Low Income Relief is a trustworthy brand…

From Day One, I have done everything in my power to ensure that Low Income Relief is a brand you can trust. I have personally spent thousands of hours researching, writing and double-checking our information. I’ve also hired a fact-checker to ensure that all of our authors are submitting honest, accurate and verifiable information.

Our first priority is always to help.

…but not everyone in the world is honest.

There are many, many people  who want to take advantage of our readers. I am constantly receiving emails from people who want to buy our user data, purchase backlinks from our site and otherwise take advantage of our audience.

I refuse them, every time.

Our brand integrity is NOT for sale. I do everything in my power to protect it.

Unfortunately, some things are beyond my ability to control.

Scammers can easily create a fake Facebook account.

Creating a fake Facebook account is painfully easy. All they have to do is steal our images and pretend to work for our business. It’s insanely easy.

Today, we have reported on three separate fake Facebook accounts. One of them has been removed but two of them have not. Facebook says they’re investigating but that can take a long time. Even if they do remove those pages, it will take mere seconds for the scammer to put up another fake Facebook account.

Although we are doing everything in our power to get every fake Facebook account shut down, they are popping up faster than we can squash them.

We only have ONE official brand page and we never initiate contact with our readers.

Keep yourself safe from scammers by ONLY interacting with our official brand pages. We have an official Facebook page and an official Facebook group.

There are NO other Low Income Relief pages or groups. We will NEVER reach out to our readers via personal profiles or private messages. We ONLY communicate with our readers through comments on our official social media pages and our website.

Keep yourself safe by learning how to spot a fake Facebook account.

There are several ways to identify an imitation Facebook account.

Below, you’ll see a screenshot of one of today’s impostors. You’ll notice that they used our logo and current cover photo for their profile. They claim to be an agent with the business but they are using a personal profile (and not the business page). The URL is clearly not so it’s very apparent that this page is a scam.

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It is critically important that you check for these things when you are contacted by a fake Facebook account claiming to be affiliated with Low Income Relief:

First, we will never authorize any of our employees, contractors or independent freelancers to ever contact our audience through any personal pages. If it’s not our official page, it’s not us.

Second, we will never authorize anyone to use our copyrighted business marks (such as our logo and videography) on their personal pages. Although we allow these things to be “shared,” we never authorize them to be used as profile pictures or cover photos. Ever.

Third, we work through an extended network of independent contractors. We do not have agents, especially not claim agents. We are an information service ONLY.

Fourth, the URL is a dead giveaway that this is a fake Facebook account. As we’ve already stated, the ONLY authorized and official page for our business is this official Low Income Relief page at Watch out for typos, too! They can make close imitations but they cannot get our exact URL.

Remember that Low Income Relief will NEVER ask you for personal or financial information.

I don’t know who these scammers are or what they want… but I know it can’t be good. They are representing themselves as “agents” or “claim agents” of Low Income Relief. I suspect that they are hoping to get your social security number, bank information and other data while pretending to help file benefits claims. THIS IS NOT A SERVICE WE HAVE EVER OFFERED OR WILL EVER OFFER. It just won’t happen. We are an information service ONLY and do not assist with individual claims.

Please remember that Low Income Relief will NEVER ask for your personal or financial information. It will NEVER happen, under any circumstance. We are proactive about protecting your personal privacy.

In fact, our team has been trained to remove sensitive personal information (including phone numbers and addresses) from all of the comments on our site and Facebook. On the website, we can remove that information from the comment during moderation. Since we cannot edit comments from other people on Facebook, we simply delete comments that we believe put that person’s information at risk.

As long as you are interacting with the official Low Income Relief page, you’re safe… but it’s up to you to make sure that you’re on our actual page. Low Income Relief has no control if you are not on an actual Low Income Relief page.


One of our writers just forwarded me a screenshot of a conversation he’s had with the scammer. The scammer is claiming to offer a massive giveaway. Again, this is NOT affiliated with our site and is NOT legitimate. Do not give this person your information!!!

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I repeat: THIS IS A SCAM.

All of our official giveaways are announced here:

If it isn’t there, it isn’t legit!

Please share this information!

Please share this post on your social media pages. We need to protect everyone we can from this scammer – and we need to make sure that everyone knows Low Income Relief does not have anything to do with this terrible person.

Thank you!

-Nicole Thelin
Owner & Founder, Low Income Relief

Nicole is the founder and lead researcher of Low Income Relief. After a personal experience with poverty and homelessness following her husband's sudden medical discharge from the U.S. Army, Nicole discovered the life-changing impact of community resources. This experience ignited her passion for empowering others to navigate similar crises. Nicole launched her writing career at age 16, working for various newspapers and publications. Her commitment to in-depth research and accessible content has been recognized by Google for Publishers and other industry leaders. For over 20 years, she has applied her investigative skills to uncover the most helpful, up-to-date information on benefits programs and community resources, ensuring Low Income Relief maintains the most extensive resource databases available.