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Does Flashfood Accept EBT?

Does Flashfood Accept EBT?

The Flashfood app can help you save up to 50% on buying fresh food at the store by helping you find discounts for food that is nearing its best-by date! Flashfood grocery deals make providing your family with nutritious, healthy meals a little easier on your wallet. Keep reading on to learn more about Flashfood reviews, how the app works, and where to find participating locations near you.

What is the Flashfood app?

The Flashfood app helps you feed your family while on a budget by letting you buy food that is approaching its best-by dates at a discount. Many stores waste food by throwing out items up to two weeks before their best-by date. Flashfood’s goal is to reduce food waste, cut down the creation of methane gas and the filling of landfills, and help you save money on your groceries.

Sometimes, if there is a surplus of food at a grocery store, they may put what they have too much of on the Flashfood app as well.

The kinds of foods on the Flashfood app depend on the store, but you can find: fruits, vegetables, baked goods, dry goods, prepared meals, dips, chocolate, and more.

The steps below detail the process of how the Flashfood app works and how to pick up your food.

  • Use the app to check for discounted foods at a participating grocery store location near you.
  • Choose the items you would like to buy on the app.
  • Pay in the app with any major credit card or a Visa debit card.
  • Go to the grocery store location you bought your food from via the app.
  • Find the Flashfood fridge and grab the food you purchased from the app.
  • Go to the store’s customer service desk to confirm your order.

Here is a video that also shows the process of ordering and picking up your food via Flashfood.

Will food close to the best-by date go bad quickly?

A best-by date is not a guarantee that the food will be bad after that date. Sell-by, use-by, and best-by labels are guesses made by food manufacturers about how long they think the peak quality of the food will last. Food can still be safe and taste good for days or even weeks past the best-by date. If your milk smells sour or your bread has mold, however, you will want to throw out that food, even if it’s before the best-by date.

If you are concerned about food safety and when food will actually expire, the United States Department of Agriculture has created a website called FoodKeeper where you can check how long specific food items should last depending on how they are stored. FoodKeeper is also available as a smartphone app for Apple and Android devices, so you can use it alongside your Flashfood app.

Which stores can I use Flashfood for?

As of January 2022, the following list contains all of the stores that work with Flashfood to provide discounted food.

  • Giant
  • Stop & Shop
  • Martin’s
  • Giant Eagle
  • Tops
  • Wholesale Club
  • Hy-Vee
  • Family Fare
  • Provigo
  • Independent
  • Dominion
  • Zehrs
  • Maxi
  • No Frills
  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Meijer
  • Loblaws

To see if there’s a location near you, you can go to the Flashfood website and type in your address or zipcode at the search bar located at the top.

Does Flashfood accept EBT?

As of September 2022, Flashfood still does not accept EBT for orders. Getting the system set up is their highest priority, because they know that people who receive food benefits need more ways to save money on food. According to the company, “It truly is of the highest priority for our Product, Design and Engineering teams.”

Unfortunately, since the company is still a startup, implementing EBT will require significant changes to their system and they only have one chance to get it right. As a result, it is unclear if or when Flashfood will be able to accept EBT.

By Unsplash user @nicotitto. Vegetables such as bell peppers, celery, eggplants, and cucumbers are available in a store. You could buy them through the Flashfood app!
By Unsplash user @nicotitto.

What are some of the Flashfood reviews saying?

Overall, Flashfood reviews tend to be positive. Most reviewers seem to agree that the discounts are good, the food is fresh and tasty, and it’s easy to pick up your order. Whenever there is an issue, stores seem to be able to provide alternatives or they will give your money back.

The following are some reviews that are displayed on the Flashfood website:

  • “Love it. between the wife and I who have the app on both our phones, we saved over $1200. instead of stores throwing out expired food to the dump, they can get rid of food when it’s close to expiration dates. love it. I highly recommend it.” – Brett C. from Ajax
  • “Wow! I am absolutely delighted with my first box! A great selection of produce (carrots, English cucumber, peppers, mushrooms, onions, apples, oranges and the protein (kielbasa, chicken meatballs, teriyaki chicken meatballs, pulled chicken) was awesome as well! Will most certainly order again!” – Pauline P. from Wyandotte, Michigan
  • “I love this for helping me with meal planning. I make things I wouldn’t have thought of doing, had it not been for what was available through Flashfood! And I still have a few days or more from the time I purchase them until they are part their shelf date. It’s great! Also, I get to try items at half price that I might not want to try if I had to pay full price!” – Barbara B.

Here is a link to a comprehensive review of Flashfood that lists its pros and cons. It addresses the quality of the food, the return policy, and what happens if the store doesn’t have the item that was listed on Flashfood. This review also contains a code that could also get you $5 in rewards when you spend $10 or more.

Here is another link to a different comprehensive review of Flashfood that also lists its pros and cons. This review also has a code that you can use on your first order to get $5 off when you spend $20 or more.

This 6 minute and a half long video is a not a sponsored review of the Flashfood app. The reviewer demonstrates the process of ordering on the app, then goes to the location to pick up his goods and show them to the viewer.

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