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Food Banks in Pulaski County, Arkansas

Food Banks in Pulaski County, Arkansas


Food insecurity is a problem that affects more than just a hungry belly and that’s why food banks in Pulaski County are so important. Trouble concentrating, anxiety, guilt and fear are a part of life if you’re suffering from food insecurity. Many organizations and programs have been set up to help combat this issue. The options are available to those who need it. We’ve found food banks in Little Rock, Jacksonville, Sherwood and more. There are options for you to get the food you need, and get it today!


You are NOT alone! You need help right now; TODAY!

As of late 2018, the Pulaski County court records show that food insecurity was at a rate of over 22% for children alone. What a heartbreaking statistic. If you’re facing food insecurity, you’re not alone.  Luckily, Pulaski County has opportunities and programs available to these individuals and families.

There are food banks, free food programs, places like soup kitchens that provide on-site, hot meals, as well as take-home meal services. We’ve done a bit of research for you about the food banks and options available to you in and around Pulaski County.

Let’s get some groceries!

Let’s take a little tour of the great options that we’ve found for you. Our first stop is in Hensley, and we’ll take you all over the county.


Forest Tower Baptist Church Food Bank

If you’re in the Hensley area, this food bank is committed to distributing food to anyone who is in need. You can find their website here with their hours of operation and more information for receiving food from them.  


Fishnet Missions

Address: 213 Marshall Road Jacksonville, Arkansas 72076
Moving on throughout Pulaski County, the Fishnet Missions in Jacksonville also offer a food pantry. The resource is run onsite. Jacksonville is also home to the Jacksonville Care Channel which offers free bags of groceries among other more specific grocery items like fruit or meat.

Jacksonville Care Channel

Address: 201 North Elm Street Jacksonville, AR 72076. Click here to learn about the Jacksonville Care Channel on their Facebook page. They are even able to help with emergency water shutoff services from time to time.

Little Rock

Arkansas Food Bank

The Arkansas Food Bank should be your first stop if you’re close to the area of Little Rock. This particular food bank is also the mother ship for funneling supplies into several other programs and banks such as child-based programs like Food for Kids and is part of the organization Feeding America. Arkansas Food Bank is a non-profit program, and based on our research, a trustworthy and functioning place for resources. Here is where you can find even more information about the Arkansas Food Bank. 

Arkansas Rice Depot

Address: Little Rock, AR, 72209
We mentioned Food for Kids above, and Arkansas Rice Depot also participates in this program. One of the great things they do is sending food home for kids who otherwise are only able to eat at school. If you’re a senior, Arkansas Rice Depot has the ability to deliver the food you need to your house by utilizing the program Food for Seniors. Click here to find hours of operation, phone number, and more information like that.

The Benefit Bank of Arkansas

This food bank doesn’t have a website for you to visit, but it’s located inside of the Little Rock Church. Here’s the address where you can go by for more information: 10701 West Baseline Road Little Rock, AR – 72209

Food Pantry of Quapaw United Methodist Church

This food pantry serves all of Pulaski County and documentation is required. Find out more about the services and how they can help you. 

Grace Presbyterian Church

Grace Presbyterian feels strongly about creating a safe space for those in need to find the food they need. Their website details it all, here

Greater Second Care Center Food Pantry

In addition to serving people who need immediate food services, Greater Second Care Food Pantry also distributes clothing to those who might need it. Find out more here.

Helping Hands of Greater Little Rock

Helping Hands of Greater Little Rock is a food pantry that also provides a clothing thrift store. You can see all about them at their website here and stop by for food and the clothing you might need.

His Love Food Pantry

His Love Food Pantry doesn’t have a website for you to visit, but you can find them at 9701 West Markham Street in Little Rock. Our information found that they’re open on Tuesday afternoons.

Immanuel Baptist Church Food Pantry

This food pantry provides what you need. Remember to bring along identification and proof of income as well as proof of address. If you’d like to learn more about this service, find their website here.

Ironton Baptist Church Food Pantry

Ironton Baptist Church has a food pantry set up to help about twice a week. Find their website here where you can read about exact hours of operation.

Islamic Center of Little Rock

You can find info about Islamic Center of Little Rock here. Their food bank strives to alleviate poverty and hunger in the area and are not limited to any faith or race. Anyone is welcome!

Little Rock Compassion Center

This food bank is so helpful because they do more than give out groceries. Little Rock Compassion Center is open for three hot meals a day, every single day of the year. And to top it off, if the food bank isn’t open when you need groceries, emergency food can be provided when needed. Find out more about them and the hundreds of thousands of people that have been fed by them. 

MLK Heritage and Enrichment Inc.

Though there’s not a website for MLK Heritage and Enrichment, INC., you can find their services at this address: 3012 MLK Drive Little Rock, AR – 72206

New Hope Community Outreach

Address: 1821 Edmonds Street Little Rock, AR – 72117
This food pantry is open from 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm daily, and you will need to bring along some identification. But the members of this congregation work hard to make sure that food is available to anyone who stops by and needs it! You can find their website here

Promiseland Ministries

Promiseland Ministries provides food and groceries to those in the Little Rock area in need. You can visit their website here and see what kind of documentation is required.

Saint Andrew United Methodist Church Food Pantry

This food pantry services individuals who live within their jurisdiction. You can find out more about that here!

Saint Francis House

Go here to learn about Saint Francis House. They serve anyone in Pulaski County. 

St. Andrew United Methodist Church

St. Andrew United Methodist Church provides a food pantry to those in need. Check out their website here to find out more about how you can use their assistance.


First United Methodist Church of Maumelle

At this website, you can fill out a form requesting help for food from the food bank at First United Methodist Church of Maumelle. 


Roland Crisis Closet

If you live in Roland, a great option for you would be the Roland Crisis Closet. This location provides a food pantry to those individuals in Roland who need help.


If you’re in Sherwood, there are options for you there, too! Both Central Baptist Church of North Little Rock and the First Christian Church food pantry have resources available to you.

Central Baptist Church of North Little Rock

Address: 8103 Carnegie Drive Sherwood, AR 72120
Central Baptist Church of North Little Rock is a smaller food pantry but a great option for quick help in a smaller area. This pantry is run by volunteers, as are many of the food banks listed. Find out more here.

First Christian Church Food Pantry

Address: 2803 East Keilh Avenue Sherwood, AR 72120
If you plan to head over to First Christian Church Food Pantry, it’s recommended that you call prior and be sure to bring along your ID or identification. Click here to learn more about how to access immediate food needs from First Christian Church. 

Sweet Home (and College Station)

First United Methodist Church of Sweet Home

This food pantry is located in Sweet Home and is very close to College Station as well. They are located at 3911 S Hampton in Sweet Home where you can stop by to inquire about services.


First Baptist Church of Woodson

24100 Barton St in Woodson is home to this food bank. Stop by and ask about the help they offer. A food pantry is a known part of their organization.

You’re worthy of these resources!

Food is an immediate need and it’s important for those suffering from food insecurity to know that they’re not alone, they’re not forgotten, and that there are fellow human beings ready and waiting to assist you today. Reach out via phone to some of the pantries we’ve listed for you to see if there are additional resources available there; or just stop by! Many of the food banks in the Pulaski County area have information about WIC and SNAP benefits and even how you can expedite that process. But in the meantime, please take advantage of the programs and resources available to you. Your family, your children and YOU deserve to rise above food insecurity. You don’t have to go hungry; the Pulaski County community is there to help.

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