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We Found Free Christmas Gifts in Columbus, GA!

We Found Free Christmas Gifts in Columbus, GA!

If you’re worried about Christmas being hard for your kids, you don’t need to worry anymore! We found free Christmas gifts in Columbus, GA! You can get free gifts, a free meal and even more help at Christmas!

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You could get free Christmas gifts in Columbus, GA!

Valley Rescue Mission provides free Christmas gifts in Columbus, GA. Even working parents can get help with their kids’ Christmas gifts. There are some requirements you’ll have to meet to qualify for help from the Valley Rescue mission. When you visit the location on one of the sign-up days, you’ll need to bring your kids’ Social Security or Medicaid cards, proof of income, rent receipts and utility bills.

Toys for Tots might be able to help with toys for kids of various ages. You’ll need to sign up to get help with toys through the organization. Registration usually begins in October and there is limited availability of toys during the Christmas season.

The Angels with Faith Ministries help families struggling to purchase gifts. You will need to apply for the program by providing proof of income and your proof of need. The organization may also require you to provide information on your child’s wish list so they can pick out the right gifts.

If you’re in need of free Christmas gifts in Columbus, GA, you might be able to get help through the Open Door Community House. The organization can help you get free gifts that will allow you to provide your children with gifts. Some years, they also have a free Christmas meal that you can attend with your family.

We found free Christmas food in Columbus, GA.

The Valley Rescue Mission provides bags of food for families at Christmas and beyond. You will need to sign up for the program by applying for help from them. To sign up for the program, you must provide your child’s social security card, Medicaid card and household information. You may also be required to provide proof of income, your rent receipts or a utility bill. Since the two types of help are connected, you can apply for Christmas food bags at the same time you apply for free toys.

Feeding the Valley is a food pantry organization that offers help throughout the year. During Christmas, they offer free food to families who qualify and who want to get help with meals. You will need to apply for help through Feeding the Valley through their regular food pantry program. In past years, Feeding the Valley has also offered a free meal for families to enjoy at Christmas.

The Columbus Dream Center offers free food throughout the year and at Christmas. You must apply early to get help with the Christmas meal. If you apply before Thanksgiving, you may also be able to get food you can prepare for a Thanksgiving meal. In addition to offering free food that you can prepare, the organization also offers free hot meals for families in need.

Enjoy a hot holiday meal in Columbus, GA.

The St. James Baptist Church Food Bank has a regular food pantry program you can apply for just by providing your income and household information. You will need to call the church to set up an intake appointment. At holidays, they offer food for the various types of holiday meals. They also offer a Christmas meal you can attend for free and without registering. It’s held on a day separate from Christmas Day. You do not need to be a member of the church to get free help from them.

St. Luke’s Outreach ministries offers a free Christmas meal to families in Columbus, GA. The ministry offers the meal at different times and days from year to year, but it is generally not on Christmas Day. You will need to check their Facebook page to find out when the meal is and to get any updates regarding it. They do not require you to pay for it and they don’t require registration for the meal in advance.

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