FREE School Supplies in Richland County, SC

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2019)

Living in Columbia, South Carolina, or Lexington? The resources gathered here are sure to be of great use to you and your family in the hunt for school supplies and clothes.

Richland County is home to many public, charter, and private schools. Each filled with hundreds of student attending school every day of the regular school year. In all three districts, there are a total of 70,000 children. That’s a lot of kids!

Looking for school supplies in a different state? This article has it all.

Free School Supplies in Richland County, SC

Unfortunately, this article will be geared more toward reduced cost/free clothing options for children. We conducted extensive research on free school supplies programs in this area but the information found did not prove to be credible.

Free (and reduced cost) school clothing in Richland County, SC

Salvation Army – Columbia, SC is a great place to go to when the options become limited. They offer an variety of services to assist families that need it. One of the options available is clothing. You can stop by and search for any clothing that your children may need for the journey ahead. Information on the clothes is limited, so you may want to call (704) 522-4970 for more info.

Sharing God’s Love is a group speaking their goodwill through religion. They help families going through a rough patch every week. Their services include clothing, food, and even assisting with eye care.

Lexington Interfaith Community Services is an agency created in the town of Lexington, SC. Their services range from clothing to food, to assisting you with your mortgage. Since this is a Lexington based agency their services are only provided to those living in Lexington.

Cooperative Ministry is an incredible agency. They provide clothing, furniture, food, health insurance premiums, financial coaching, classes and even free vehicles through the Autos for Opportunities program!

Wateree Community Actions, Inc. provides their services to Clarendon, Kershaw, Lee, Richland, and Sumter County residents. They provide a variety of services that may be helpful to you and can also provide referrals to other helpful community resources.

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