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(Last Updated On: September 10, 2018)

Need a little Christmas help? We know firsthand how frustrating it is when you can’t provide your kiddos with a huge holiday celebration. Sometimes, financial stress can make the holidays downright stressful and depressing. Fortunately, there are agencies that can help!

Get Christmas help across the US! Click here!

Although we’ve written about the five primary agencies that assist with Christmas across the United States, there are countless smaller, local agencies that also assist with this desperate need.

If you don’t see your city/county listed below, leave us a comment and let us know!

In order to help your family have the best possible holiday season, we’ve enlisted a help of some additional researchers to find what Christmas resources exist in your local communities! Once you’ve made your request, we’ll forward it to our researchers. Once they’re done, we’ll leave a comment here and let you know what they’ve found!

Each list includes a mix of free gifts and free food that will help your family make the most of your holiday season.

Happy holidays!

Here’s what we’ve researched in Maryland so far:


If you live on a low income in Baltimore, then you need to see this list! We’ve found over a dozen agencies that can help you this holiday season. Click here to find free Christmas gifts and food in Baltimore!

Washington County (Hagerstown)

Before we began researching this list by county, we started out researching by city. That quickly became unsustainable. That’s why we have information on Hagerstown and not the surrounding area. If you need help in a different part of Washington County, let us know and we’ll get that on our research list.


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